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| image = [[File:Wiiscu.png]]
| type = system tool
| author = Wack0, illinialex24, Bionic Sonic, SifJar
| version = 0.25
| download =
 '''wiiSCUWiiSCU''' updates Nintendo's official Channels channels without touching the system menuSystem Menu.
== About ==
WiiSCU (Wii System Channel Updater) is a program that allows updates to Nintendo's Channels channels and IOSs [[IOS]]s whithout running the official Wii update. The application gives you the option to install new versions of channels and IOSes without touching the system menu. version v 0.25 was developed by Wack0 extending work by SifJar, illinialex24, Bionic Sonic.
== Changelog ==
=== v0.25 ===
*Tidied up code (again)
*Added some colour
*Removed support for [[IOS16 ]] and [[IOS60]]*Added [[IOS58]]*Removed support to patch the [[Signing bug|trucha bug ]] into IOS61*Fixed meta.xml at long lastWiiSCU by Wack0last
[[File'''Note for those trying to use it as Shop Channel updater:WiiSCU''' this version installs v18 (current is v21 as of November 2012).rar]]


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