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{{Infobox homebrew| title = WiiSCU by | image = [[File:Wiiscu.png]]| type = system tool| author = Wack0, illinialex24, Bionic Sonic, SifJar| version = 0.25}}something by SifJar'''wiiSCU''' updates Nintendo's official Channels without touching the system menu.
removed patching == About ==WiiSCU (Wii System Channel Updater) is a program that allows updates to Nintendo's Channels and IOSs whithout running the official Wii update. The application gives you the option to install new versions of IOSchannels and IOSes without touching the system menu. version v 0.25 was developed by Wack0 extending work by SifJar, illinialex24, Bionic Sonic.  == Changelog == === v0.25 ===*Tidied up code (again)*Added some colour*Removed support for IOS16 and IOS60*Added IOS58*Removed support to patch the trucha bug into IOS61*Fixed meta.xml at long lastWiiSCU by Wack0


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