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There you go Tueidj
**''Format:'' <code><nowiki>'''DD Month YY:''' [[<Application>]] released by [[User:<Author>|<Author>]]</nowiki></code>.
**''Example:'' <code><nowiki>'''</nowiki>{{#time: d F y}}:<nowiki>''' [[RockPaperScissors64]] 1.2 released by [[User:DevDude|DevDude]]</nowiki></code>
* '''Move the last entry to the appropriate archive. There should be no more than 5 entries in the list.''' If an app was released in {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}, move it to [[WiiBrew:Homebrew releases/{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{CURRENTYEAR}}]]. There should not be more than one entry at a time for any specific app. If there is an update, remove the older one from the list rather than another app.
*Avoid editing existing entries. The entries below are scraped to make the RSS feed, and changing what's already there makes a duplicate entry.
* '''24 July 11:''' [[Yabause_Wii]] Unofficial r2649-beta20 released
* '''16 July 11:''' [[Yabause_Wii]] Unofficial r2649-beta19 released
* '''9 July 11:''' [[BoltThrower]] v0.59 released [[user:Titmouse|Titmouse]] ''now with radar ping :)''
* '''8 1 July 11:''' [[BoltThrowerVectrexWii]] v00.58 3 released by [[userUser:TitmouseAruskano|TitmouseAruskano]]* '''2 July 30 June 11:''' [[Wiitriis]] 0.4 released by [[User:Wilco2009|Wilco2009]]* '''23 June 11:''' [[Yabause_WiiWiirtualBoy]] Unofficial r2649-beta18 0.1 releasedby [[User:raz0red|raz0red]] and [[User:Arikado|Arikado]]


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