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January 2012
Chronological log below. [[:Category:Homebrew in Homebrew Browser|Alphabetical list.]]
== 2013 =={{TOChorizontal|January 2013|February 2013|March 2013|April 2013|May 2013|June 2013|July 2013|August 2013|September 2013|October 2013|November 2013|December 2013}} === August 2013 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 21 August 2013|*[[Abuse Wii|Abuse Wii v0.8.682.2]]*[[BallerMaze| BallerMaze v1]]*[[Cascade Beneath|CascadeBeneath v1.2]]*[[Cherophobe|Cherophobe v1.3]]*[[Cubicle Shooter|Cubicle Shooter v0.5]]*[[Cylinder Dodge|Cylinder Dodge v1.2]]*[[Dcvg5k | DCVG5K Wii r1]]*[[Dont_Get_Crushed | DontGetCrushed v1.2]]*[[EasyRPG Player| EasyRPG Alpha 1]]*[[Elongated Reptile|Elongated Reptile v0.3]]*[[FBZX Wii|FBZX Wii v10.3]]*[[Goodbye World | Goodbye World v1.4]]*[[Hero City|HeroCity v0.7]]*[[Hero City 2|Hero City 2 v1.5]]*[[Kurushi Wii|Kurushi Wii Wii v1]]*[[Maze Generator|Maze Generator v1.6]]*[[Newo Asteroids|Newo Asteroids v1.6]]*[[Newo Tokyo|Newo Tokyo v1]]*[[OpenTTD|OpenTTD v1.3.2]]*[[Sketch Fight|Sketch Fight v0.5]]*[[Slime Roll | SlimeRoll v0.4]]*[[Super Pixel Jumper|Super Pixel Jumper v1.2]]*[[They Do Not Die 2 |TheyDoNotDie2 v0.7]]*[[Three Point O|Three Point O v1.4]]*[[TwoPointFive|Two Point Five v1.3]]*[[UFO Racer|UFO Racer v3.6]]*[[We Are Nowhere|We Are Nowhere v0.5]]*[[WiiBrowser|Wiibrowser Rev112]]*[[Wii Chatter|Wii Chatter v0.3]]*[[Wii Exhibit|Wii Exhibit v0.5]]*[[Winters End|Winters End v1.3]]|} === March 2013 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 13 March 2013|*[[Devilock|Devilock v1.0]]*RadioFeeds Updater v1.0a*[[WiiLauncher|WiiLauncher v0.1]]|} === February 2013 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 16 February 2013|*[[Cascade Beneath|CascadeBeneath v1.1]]*[[Cubicle Shooter|Cubicle Shooter v0.4]]*[[Cylinder Dodge|Cylinder Dodge v1.1]]*DontGetCrushed v1.2*[[FBZX Wii|FBZX Wii v9.0]]*[[FCE Ultra GX|FCEU v3.3.4]]*[[| (Frodo) v2.4.1]]*[[Hero City|HeroCity v0.6]]*SlimeRoll v0.3*[[Super Pixel Jumper|Super Pixel Jumper v1.2]]*[[The Catachthonic|The Catachthonic v1.0]]*[[Time Frack 3D|Time Frack 3D v0.1]]*[[UAE Wii|UAE v9.1]]*<s>Wiibrowser Rev27</s>*[[WiiEarth|WiiEarth v2.3]]*[[WiiXplorer|WiiXplorer r249]]*[[WiiMC|WiiMC v1.3.2]]*[[WiiVNC|WiiVNC v1.3]]|} == 2012 =={{TOChorizontal|January 2012|February 2012|March 2012|April 2012|May 2012|June 2012|July 2012|August 2012|September 2012|October 2012|November 2012|December 2012}} === December 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 17 December 2012|*[[1bit Invaders|1bitInvaders v2.2]]*[[Avoidance|Avoidance v1.3]]*[[BoltThrower|Bolt Thrower v0.71]]*[[Cherophobe|Cherophobe v1.2]]*[[Cubicle Shooter City|Cubicle Shooter City v0.1]]*[[Elongated Reptile|Elongated Reptile v0.2]]*<s>FBZX Wii v6.0</s>*[[GCMM|GCMM v1.4]]*[[Genesis Plus|Genesis Plus v1.7.3]]*[[Goodbye World|Goodbye World v1.3]]*[[Gravity Glide|Gravity Glide v1.4]]*[[Harmony's Nightmare|Harmony's Nightmare v1.2]]*[[Hero City 2|Hero City 2 v1.4]]*[[Hypno Blast|Hypno Blast v0.3]]*[[Maze Generator|Maze Generator v1.5]]*[[Music Painter|Music Painter v0.1]]*[[Newo Asteroids|Newo Asteroids v1.5]]*[[OpenTTD|OpenTTD v1.2.3]]*[[Pineapple Apocalypse RPG|Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.3]]*[[Revolt Of The Binary Couriers|Revolt Of The Binary Couriers v1.3]]*[[Sketch Fight|Sketch Fight v0.4]]*[[Texttris|Texttris v1.2]]*[[The Unmapped Forest|The Unmapped Forest v0.3]]*[[The Video Game|The Video Game v0.3]]*[[Three Point O|Three Point O v1.3]]*[[Toddtris|Toddtris v1.2]]*[[Tong|Tong v1.2]]*[[Transitory Vectors|Transitory Vectors v1.1]]*[[TwoPointFive|Two Point Five v1.2]]*[[UFO Racer|UFO Racer v3.5]]*[[We Are Nowhere|We Are Nowhere v0.4]]*[[Wii Chatter|Wii Chatter v0.2]]*[[Wii Exhibit|Wii Exhibit v0.4]]*[[Winters End|Winters End v1.2]]|}=== September 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 16 September 2012|*[[Digger|Digger Remastered v0.2]]*<s>GCMM v1.3</s>*[[Lolicopocalypse|Lolicopocalypse v1.0]]*[[Offline Network Enabler|Offline Network Enabler v0.1]]*[[Paintown|Paintown v3.5.1]]*[[Piipe Paniic | PiipePaniic v1.0]]*[[RetroArch Wii|RetroArch Wii v0.9.7.2]]*[[SaveGame_Manager_GX|SaveGame Manager GX r126]]*[[ScummVM|ScummVM v1.5.0]]*[[TailTale|TailTale v1.0]]*[[WiiTweet|WiiTweet v0.3.2]]|}=== August 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 5 August 2012|*<s>Bolt Thrower v0.7</s>*[[BootMii Configuration Editor|BootMii Configuration Editor v2.7]]*[[DOSBox Wii|DOSBox Wii v1.7]]*<s>FBZX Wii v5.0</s>*<s>FCEU v3.3.1</s>*<s>Genesis Plus v1.7</s>*<s>Hero City 2 v1.2</s>*[[Newo Puzzle|Newo Puzzle v1.3]]*[[Newo Runner|Newo Runner v1.2]]*[[Newo_Shooter|Newo Shooter v2.2]]*[[Snes9x GX|Snes9xGX v4.3.1]]*Starfield Demo v1.1*[[Visual Boy Advance GX|Visual Boy Advance v2.2.8]]*<s>Wii Exhibit v0.1</s>*<s>WiiMC v1.3.0</s>*<s>WiiTweet v0.3</s>|}=== June 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 23 June 2012|*EDuke32 Wii r2729 Milestone 1*[[FBZX Wii|FBZX Wii v3.0]]*<s>Harmony's Nightmare v1.1</s>*[[QRevPAK|QRevPAK R4]]*[[Newo Model Viewer|Newo Model Viewer v1.4]]*<s>Newo Runner v1.1</s>*<s>WiiMC v1.2.9</s>*[[Yabause Wii|Yabause Wii r2926 beta26]]|}=== May 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 16 May 2012|*<s>FBZX Wii v2.0</s>*[[Pingus|Pingus v0.7.6]]*[[QRevPAK|QRevPAK R3a]]*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r125</s>*Settings Editor GUI v1.6*[[SysCheck|SysCheck v2.1.0b18]]*The Scary Demo v1.0*[[User:LS|Tunnel v1.0]]*<s>UAE v9</s>*<s>WiiMC v1.2.6</s>*<s>Yabause Wii r2888 beta25</s>|} === April 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 12 April 2012|*[[Bermuda Syndrome Wii|Bermuda Syndrome Wii v0.2]]*[[Ctr-Gcs-DacoTaco-Edition|Ctr-Gcs DacoTaco Edition v0.2b]]*<s>QRevPAK R3</s>*<s>WiiMC v1.2.4</s>*<s>Yabause Wii r2858 beta24</s>|} === March 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 20 March 2012|*[[Categorii|Categorii v2.0-TR]]*Elongated Reptile v0.1*[[User:Yossi/Flipem|FlipEm v0.1-TR]]*[[iiii|iiii v2.1-TR]]*Snakey v1.2*[[WiiCasino|Wii Casino v3.1]]|} === February 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 27 February 2012|*Black's Dash v1.86*<s>QRevPAK R2</s>*<s>Snakey (made by LS) v1.0</s>|} === January 2012 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 28 January 2012|*<s>Bolt Thrower v0.62</s>*[ Box2D Balls v1.1]*<s>FCEU v3.2.9</s>*NeoTanks v0.2*[[nwancat|nwancat v1.0]]*[[Powder|POWDER v117-1]]*<s>QRevPAK R1</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r119</s>*<s>Snes9xGX v4.2.9</s>*<s>Super Pixel Jumper v1.1</s>*Swingball2 v0.4*<s>SysCheck v2.1.0b15</s>*<s>The Video Game v0.2</s>*<s>We Are Nowhere v0.2</s>*<s>WiiMC v1.2.2</s>*[[WiiMednafen|WiiMednafen v0.1.1]]*[[User:Wentstorm/WiiMP3|WiiMP3 v2.0]]*[[Wire3D|Wire3D: Demo v1.0]]|-| 3 January 2012|*<s>Cubicle Shooter v0.3</s>*Gambol v0.2*<s>GoodbyeWorld v1.1</s>*<s>GravityGlide v1.2</s>*Ironing Maiden v1.0*[[The Lone Pixel]] v1.0*[[SDL MAME Wii|SDL MAME Wii v1.0]]*<s>Settings Editor GUI v1.3</s>*<s>ThreePointO v1.1</s>*<s>UAE v8</s>*<s>WiiMP3 v1.0</s>|} == 2011 =={{TOChorizontal|January 2011|February 2011|March 2011|April 2011|May 2011|June 2011|July 2011|August 2011|September 2011|October 2011|November 2011|December 2011}}=== May December 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 8 December 2011|*<s>Black's Dash v1.72</s>*[[PowerCheck]] v1.1*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r115</s>*<s>Settings Editor GUI v1.2</s>*Something v0.0*<s>UAE v7</s>|} === November 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 27 May 9 November 2011|*<s>Bolt Thrower v0.6</s>*[[Accio HacksDesert Bus|Accio Hacks Desert Bus v1.04]]*NeoCD-WII v0.5*<s>OpenTTD v1.1.3</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r114</s>*<s>SketchFight v0.2</s>*<s>SlimeRoll v0.2</s>*<s>Swingball2 v0.3</s>*<s>TheUnmappedForest v0.2</s>*<s>UAE v6</s>|}=== October 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 23 October 2011|*[[Double Dash Wii|Double Dash Wii v1.22]]*Cherophobe DrawMii v1.1*Marcos Lopez: Part II v0.901*MultiBu v1.0*O.T.T.F v1.0*Piixelator v1.0*[[DescentPlaystats|Descent Playstats v1.101]]*HeroCity PongYourWii v1.0*<s>POWDER v116-1</s>*ShowTest v1.0*TheyDoNotDie2 v0.6*WiiMC Channel Installer v1.9*<s>WiiMednafen v0</s>*WiiPaintBall v1.1|-| 4 October 2011|*<s>NeoCD-WII v0.4</s>*Pong Breaker v1.1*<s>Starfield Demo v1.0</s>*<s>UAE v5.1</s>*Uname v0.3|}=== September 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 20 September 2011|*[[Abuse Wii|Abuse Wii v0.8.682.1]]*[[SaveGame_Manager_GXKidspaint|Kidspaint v2.0.2]]*Nowhere v0.9*<s>Pong Breaker v0.5</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r100r113</s>*Mr. Sitwell v1.3*<s.Uname v0.2</s>*<s>WiiMC v1.2.0</s>|-| 5 September 2011|*[[Deadly Cobra Wii|Deadly Cobra Wii v1.0]]*<s>Newo Shooter v2</s>*NEC PC-9801 Emulator v0.83 Beta5*[[WiiHandy/SDLQUASI88|Wii Handy SDL QUASI88 v0.46.3 Beta 5]]*[[WiiMCReversmii|Reversmii v1.0]]*<s>Mr. Sitwell v1.0</s>*<s>SysCheck v2.1.0b13</s>*<s>WiiMC v1.1.89</s>*[[Wiitriis|WiiTriis v1.01]]*<s>Yabause Wii r2649 beta23</s>|}=== August 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 19 August 2011|*[[Accio Hacks|Accio Hacks v1.2]]*<s> (Frodo) v2.4</s>*<s>Genesis Plus v1.6</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r111</s>*<s>Yabause Wii r2649 beta22</s>|-| 18 May 5 August 2011|*EndlessMazeGame bootOperaModUSB v0.14*[[Console Shooter]] Beta 2*<s>Cubicle Shooter v0.2</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r110</s>*<s>SysCheck v2.1.0b10</s>*<s>Yabause Wii r2649 beta21</s>|} === July 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 17 July 2011|*<s>Bolt Thrower v0.59</s>*<s>DOSBox Wii v1.6</s>*LifeMii Wii v1.0*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r108</s>*VectrexWii v0.3*<s>Yabause Wii r2649 beta18</s>|-| 3 July 2011|*<s> v2.3</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r106</s>*TheUntitledProject v0.3*<s>VectrexWii v0.2</s>*<s>WiiTriis v0.4</s>*[[WiirtualBoy|WiirtualBoy v0.1]]|} === June 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"|Date Added! Application|-| 14 June 2011|*<s>Cubicle Shooter v0.1</s>*<s>Cylinder Dodge v1.0</s>*<s> (Frodo) v2.2</s>*[[Gravitii|Gravitii v0.5]]*<s>HeroCity v0.4</s>*<s>Newo Puzzle 1.2</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r104</s>*<s>SysCheck v2.1.0b9</s>|} === May 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 27 May 2011|*<s>Accio Hacks v1.1</s>*<s>Cherophobe v0.9</s>*[[Descent|Descent v1.10]]*<s>HeroCity v0.1</s>*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r100</s>*[[FCE Ultra GXWiiHandy/SDL|Wii Handy SDL v0.4]]*<s>WiiMC v1.1.8</s>|-| 18 May 2011|*[[EndlessMazeGame]]*<s> (Frodo) v2.1</s>*<s>FCEU v3.2.6]]</s>*[[Newo_Shooter|<s>Newo Shooter v1.81a]]</s>*PWiictogrid v0.3*[[Snes9x GX|<s>Snes9xGX v4.2.8]]</s>*Trailblazer vRevision Party*[[Visual Boy Advance GX|<s>Visual Boy Advance v2.2.5]]</s>||-| 9 May 2011|*[[BrawlStats|BrawlStats v1.2]]*[[Kidspaint|<s>Kidspaint v2.0.1]]</s>*[[WiiRadio|WiiRadio v0.7]]|} === April 2011 ==={| class="wikitable"! width="80px"| Date Added! Application|-| 27 April 2011|*[[BoltThrower|<s>Bolt Thrower v0.37]]</s>*[[Descent|Descent v1.0]]
*RadioFeeds UK & Ireland v1.0
*<s>RadioFeeds Updater v1.0</s>*[[WiiMC|<s>WiiMC v1.1.7]]</s>
| 7 April 2011
*<s>CascadeBeneath v1.0</s>
*<s>Newo Shooter v1.77a</s>
*[[Genesis Plus|<s>Genesis Plus v1.5]]</s>*[[SysCheck|<s>SysCheck v2.1.0b7]]</s>*[[Tick Tock Boat Race|TickTockBoatRace v1.0]]*[[Tick Tock Zombie Shooter|TickTockZombieShooter v1.0]]*<s>TransitoryVectors v1.0</s>*<s>WintersEnd v1.0</s>
=== March 2011 ===
{| class="wikitable"
*VBA GX Channel Installer v1.2
*<s>WiiMC v1.1.5</s>
*<s>WiiMC Channel Installer v1.8</s>
| 17 March 2011
*<s>BrawlStats v1.1</s>
*[[MPlayer CE|MPlayer Christmas Edition r658]]
*[[Reversmii|<s>Reversmii v0.11]]</s>
*RockBlueMet RC3
*<s>TheUntitledProject v0.2</s>
*Vigoroth le livreur v1.21
*[[WiiColEm|WiiColEm v0.2]]
*HomebrewFilter r31
*[[Arcade Jigsaw|Arcade Jigsaw v0.3b]]
*<s>NeoTanks v0.1</s>
*<s>NewoShooter v1.65a</s>
*Puzsion v1.0RC1
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r97</s>
*[[Schism Tracker|Schism Tracker v20110101]]
*[[SDL MAME Wii|<s>SDL MAME Wii v0.6]]</s>
*Warheads : Scorched Earth v1.0c
*[[WiiXplorer|<s>WiiXplorer r212]]</s>
| 9 January 2011
*<s>Bolt Thrower v0.23</s>
*<s>BrawlStats v1.0</s>
*[[DOSBox Wii|<s>DOSBox Wii v1.5]]</s>
*[[Nowell|Nowell v1.02]]
*[[Powder|<s>POWDER v115-1]]</s>
*<s>WiiXplorer r208</s>
*<s>WiiMC v1.1.1</s>
*<s>Bolt Thrower v0.12</s>
*[[Desert Bus|<s>Desert Bus v1.03]]</s>
*[[DiiLC|DiiLC v1.2.2]]
*HighOctane v0.0.1
*[[JzintvWii|jzintvWii v1.0.1]]
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r90</s>
*[[WiiVNC|<s>WiiVNC v1.2.2]]</s>
| 14 November 2010
*[ The Castles of Dr. Creep SVN-351]
*<s>WiiXplorer r206</s>
*[[Yabause Wii|<s>Yabause Wii r2604 beta17]]</s>
=== October 2010 ===
*<s>HomebrewFilter r19</s>
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r86</s>
*[[ScummVM|<s>ScummVM v1.2.0]]</s>
*Shooter v1.0
*[[TetriCycle|TetriCycle v1.2]]
| 3 October 2010
*[[Gravitii|<s>Gravitii v0.2]]</s>
*<s>Mandelbrot v1.2</s>
*NanoMechas v0.8
*[[Timeless|Timeless v1.0]]
*<s>TowerDefense v0.97</s>
*[[We Are Nowhere|<s>We Are Nowhere v0.1]]</s>
*Wiiwars v0.6 Beta
*<s>Yabause Wii r2604 beta12</s>
| 12 September 2010
*[[BootMii Configuration Editor|<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.6]]</s>
*<s>DiiLC v1.2</s>
*<s>HomebrewFilter v0.1 r11</s>
*[[Hypno Blast|<s>Hypno Blast v0.2]]</s>
*<s>RedSquare v0.98</s>
*<s>SaveGame Manager GX r85</s>
| 29 August 2010
*[[Avoidance|<s>Avoidance v1.1]]</s>
*<s>Engine02 v10.08.29</s>
*[[Hexen Wii|Hexen Wii v0.5]]
*[[Heretic Wii|Heretic Wii v0.5]]
*<s>Hypno Blast v0.1</s>
*[[QUASI88|<s>QUASI88 v0.6.3 Beta 4]]</s>
*<s>Scape v1.2</s>
*SockDreams v1.0
*<s>Engine02 r9</s>
*<s>FCEU v3.2.2</s>
*<s>GravityGlide v1.1</s>
*<s>Heretic Wii v0.1</s>
*[[HHexen|HHexen v1.0]]
*<s>BootMii Configuration Editor v2.6</s>
*<s>cIOS Installer v1.0</s>
*<s>DontGetCrushed v1.0</s>
*Rezerwar v0.2
*[[TwoPointFive|<s>TwoPointFive v1.1]]</s>
| 1 August 2010
*[[1bit Invaders|<s>1bitInvaders v2.1]]</s>
*<s>HomebrewFilter v0.1 r7</s>
*<s>Maze of Galious Wii v0.63.2</s>
*[[Revolt Of The Binary Couriers|<s>RevoltOfTheBinaryCouriers v1.1]]</s>
*<s>TetriCycle v0.5b</s>
*[[Yahtzwii|Yahtzwii v3.11]]
*<s>FCEU v3.2.1</s>
*<s>HomebrewFilter v0.1 r6</s>
*[[Maze Generator|<s>MazeGenerator v1.1]]</s>
*NCard v0.4
*[[Pineapple Apocalypse RPG|<s>Pineapple Apocalypse RPG v1.1]]</s>
*[[RaveWild|RaveWild v0.3]]
*<s>RockBlueMet RC2</s>
*MP3+G Player v0.95
*[[The Video Game|<s>The Video Game v0.1]]</s>
*[[UFO Racer|UFO Racer v0.3]]
*<s>WiiSX Beta 2</s>
| 4 July 2010
*<s>Console Shooter Beta 1</s>
*<s>Dance Clone v0.4</s>
*[[DeSmuME Wii|DeSmuME Wii r185]]
*<s>1bitInvaders v2.0</s>
*<s>RaveWild v0.2</s>
*[[Super Pixel Jumper|<s>Super Pixel Jumper v1.0]]</s>
*<s>That Other Pong v1.0</s>
*[[The Ur-Quan Masters|The Ur-Quan Masters r3185+wii]]
*<s>Point and No click v0.2</s>
*[[Rokoban|Rokoban v0.9]]
*[[UAE Wii|<s>UAE v5.0]]</s>
| 13 March 2010
| 7 January 2010
*[[Categorii|<s>Categorii v2.0]]</s>
*[[Q1Rev|Q1Rev r3]]
*[[Q2CTFRev|Q2CTFRev r1]]
*<s>QUASI88 v0.6.3 Beta 3</s>
*[[QWRev|QWRev r2]]
*<s>NEC PC-9801 Emulator v0.83 Beta3</s>
*[[Super Star Shooter|Super Star Shooter v1.1.0]]
*<s>Yahtzwii v2.1</s>
*[[3DMaze|3D Maze v1.0]]
*<s>Schism Tracker v20100101</s>
*<s>ThreePointO v1.0</s>
*<s>TowerDefense v0.9</s>
*[[WiiXBall|WiiX-Ball v1.0]]
*<s>ftpii v0.0.17</s>
*[[GCMM|<s>GCMM v1.0]]</s>
*[[Homebrew Disc Loader|Homebrew Disc Loader v0.3]]
*<s>Metronome v1.2</s>
*<s>Wii2600 v0.1</s>
*[[Wiicm|Wiicm v1.1]]
*[[Double Dash Wii|<s>Double Dash Wii v1.0]]</s>
*<s>Wii Quizz v2.0</s>
*<s>Wii Web Server v0.92 Alpha</s>
*[ Rebooter v1.0]
*<s>ScummVM v0.13.0</s>
*[[Toddtris|<s>Toddtris v1.0]]</s>
*[[Wii Quizz|Wii Quizz v2.0.7]]
*[[Komopong wii|Komopong Wii v0.9]]
*<s>MPlayer Christmas Edition v0.4</s>
*<s>|Playstats v1.0</s>
*[[WiiHandy/SDL|Wii Handy SDL v0.3]]
*<s>Harmonium v1 beta</s>
*[[Playstats|<s>Playstats v1.02]]</s>
| 17 May 2009
*<s>OpenTyrianWii v1.2</s>
*<s>ScummVM v0.14.0 r41364</s>
*[[WiiEarth|<s>WiiEarth v2.2]]</s>
| 5 June 2009
*GiiBii v0.1
*<s>Headings v0.1</s>
*[[iiii|<s>iiii v2.1]]</s>
*[[Karaokii|Karaokii v005]]
*mapBF v003
*[[Barrage|Barrage v1.0]]
*[ <s>Box2D Balls v1.0]</s>
*[ DrawingBox v1.0b2]
*[[ExistenzE|ExistenzE v1.0]]
*<s>FCEU v2.0.4</s>
*[[User:Yossi/Flipem|<s>FlipEm v0.1]]</s>
*<s>MahJongg Wii v0.5</s>
*[[Particle accelerator|Particle Accelerator v1.0]]

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