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Can you post a whole page on how you exploited the Indiana Jones Game? Can you also post links to any software?-----
--Brandon Gomez------------------------------------
dunno why we've spent 100's of $$ of commercial games when my kids seem to spend half their time playing homebrew (Smash the Castle is their current favourite). I appreciate not that you've given us a way to run homebrew but that you've presented how you did it and what Nintendo did wrong. It's a struggle to get good code inspections done here where I work - the truncha bug is an excellent example of poor code-inspection - think of wasted time and $$ that went into the encryption architecture, only to be SNAFU'd by some junior programmer using the wrong function call and no one catching it :))
--[[User:Vladhed|Vladhed]] 17:41, 8 February 2011 (CET)


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