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| author = [[User:RTM|RTM]]
| coder = RTM
| version = Release Candidate 3 r2r3
| licence = GPL
| download =| source =
| peripherals = {{Wiimote4}}
<b>Don't download this version! Update coming in 20 minutes for fix. Temporarily, the download links link to an old version.</b> Follow me on Twitter, @mtamermahoney! You can contact me on the Wiibrew and WiiRD forums, I am TheRTM.
==What This Does==
This is an application that makes the Wiimotes rumble. When you press +, the Wiimotes rumble, and when you press -, the Wiimotes stop rumbling. On the first Wiimote, press B to make all the remotes rumble, and A to stop all the rumbling.
* Have a GUI (Working on it!)
==Release Notes==
===Release Candidate 3 r3===
Finally solved ALL text placement problems!
===Release Candidate 3 r2===
A LOT more verbose now.


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