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I believe Waninkoko's releases should be listed as they are note-worthy releases of homebrew applications. I know there is tension between some of the members of WiiBrew, including some of the staff, and Waninkoko but this does not make his releases any less useful. I do not believe, however, that they should simply be added back without discussion and possibly approval by a sysop. --[[User:Hiker13526|Hiker13526]] 23:43, 7 May 2008 (PDT)
: I asked [[User:bushing]] what his stance was on Waninkoko's releases appearing on the wiki:
[02:23:23] <Hiker1352> Are links to Waninkoko's [releases] allowed on WiiBrew? And are they allowed to be placed in the Homebrew Releases section that appears on the main page?
[02:23:55] <@bushing> Hiker1352: yes, depending on what the software is
[02:24:13] <Hiker1352> Thus far, are there currently any bans on any of his releases? [02:25:48] <@bushing> Hiker1352: eh, I dunno. I tend to find it not very useful to outright ban stuff, but I will take down links to e.g. hacked versions of the homebrew channel since they're hacked copies of something I helped write
:In the future, before removing valid releases from the news page, the matter should be discussed on the talk page. I am replacing the news articles as they are now known to be allowed. If someone has good reason for them to not appear in the news then please say so on this talk page. --[[User:Hiker13526|Hiker13526]] 00:42, 8 May 2008 (PDT)
:I think they should be on the front page. However I think that they should have a warning notice. Really, they are noteworthy. --[[User:SquidMan|SquidMan]] 16:27 8 May 2008 (PST)
::This is ridiculous -- edit wars are not cool. I think the big change that needed to be made was that release entries should point to pages on this Wiki, not directly to external sites. Then, discussion of the merits / safety of individual apps can happen there. The people that have these concerns should go to the (currently empty) talk pages for the links and we can hash this out there. [[User:Bushing|Bushing]] 16:54, 8 May 2008 (PDT)
==Release Archive==
I have a few proposals for the Homebrew Releases news. I think the news should be moved to [[Project:Homebrew Releases]]. Also, rather than creating a [[Homebrew_Releases_Archive|separate article]] for past news items, I think it best to create a subpage. I propose a single archive page per month. For May, it would be [[Project:Homebrew_Releases/May_2008]], and so on. I believe this would make for a better long-term organization method. This method was adapted from Wikipedia's news and picture of the day archive. --[[User:Hiker13526|Hiker13526]] 23:43, 7 May 2008 (PDT)

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