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Here's a list of controller button numbers for your customization pleasure.
'''NOTE:''' As of 1.5.0, custom button assignment saving has been reenabled! Customize at your leisure!<&lt;br />
'''NOTE:''' As of 1.6, the joystick configuration menu works now to display button names. Here are the details:
Now displays name of joystick at top instead of number (Joystick 1-4 == Wiimote 1-4, Joystick 5-8 == GC Pad 1-4).<&lt;br />Also displays button names instead of numbers now. AX replaced by JOY (and RJOY for Classic substick and GC Pad C-Stick), BTN i replaced by W-/C-/N- (wiimote, classic, and nunchuk respectively) and name for Wiimotes, and just the names for GC, and H replaced by DPAD. +/- on each axis replaced by physical directions.<&lt;br />
Finally, DPAD directions dynamically displayed based on whether Classic is plugged in or not.


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