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The '''Virtual Console''' (abbreviated '''VC''') is a platform to play retro games on your Nintendo Wii. For more information about the VC visit the VC page of [ Wikipedia].
The folders in which the Virtual Console files (content.bin) are saved have systematic, four-character names. The first character tells us what system the ROM belongs to.
&lt;<!--A : Early DS cards, early GBA carts and GBC carts-->&lt;<!--B : Late GBA carts-->C : Commodore 64&lt;<br />E : Neo-Geo&lt;<br />F : NES&lt;<br /> &lt;<!--also used for the GBA NES CLASSICS-->&lt;<!--G : Gamecube DVDs-->H : Wii channels (Only for saved channels, not VC)&lt;<br />J : SNES&lt;<br /> L : Master System&lt;<br />M : Genesis/Mega Drive&lt;<br />N : N64&lt;<br />P : [ TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine]&lt;<br />Q : TurboGrafx-CD&lt;<br />R : Wii DVD (Only for savegames, not VC)&lt;<br />
W : [ WiiWare]
&lt;<!--Y : Newer DS cards-->
The second and third char is the game identifier. For non-Wii games, it is incremented from AA to AZ, then A0 to A9, BA to BZ and so on; for Wii games, it is often an abbreviation of the game name (e.g. "SP" for Wii Sports, "ZD" for Zelda).
The last character is the region code.
E : USA&lt;<br />J : Japan&lt;<br />P : Europe (and other PAL regions such as Australia)&lt;<br />D : Germany (only if separate version)&lt;<br />F : France (only if separate version)&lt;<br />I : Italian (only if separate version)&lt;<br />S : Spanish (only if separate version)&lt;<br />A : All (?, only seen on channels) &lt;<br />L : Limited (region free games)&lt;<br />M: Import games (confirmed for Japaness imports in Europe)&lt;<br />N: Import games (confirmed in Japeness imports in US)&lt;<br />
Let's take F-Zero as an example. The folder for F-Zero (USA) is named JACE. The 'J' tells us it's a SNES game, followed by 'AC' which tells us this is probably the third game released for the SNES and the 'E' tells us it's a USA release.
| FA7
| Mario &amp; Yoshi
| FA8
=== MegaDriver Mega Drive / Genesis ===
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 38.2%; font-size: 90%;"
| ToeJam &amp; Earl
| ToeJam &amp; Earl in Panic on Funkotron
| MB7
| Sin &amp; Punishment
| J.J. &amp; JEFF
| Dr. Mario &amp; Germ Buster


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