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{{Lowercase title}}
{{Infobox homebrew
| type = board game
| author = [[User:Yossi|Yossi]]
| version = 2.1-TR| download = Media:Iiii2Iiii_v2.1-TR.rar‎rar| source = Media:Iiii2Iiii_v2.1 source-TR_source.rarrar‎
| peripherals = {{Wiimote2}} {{GCNController}} {{FrontSD}} {{USBMSD}}
| hbb = yes
== Images ==
Starting in &lt;<s>v1.1&lt;</s> &lt;<s>1.2&lt;</s> v1.'''2+''', you can put custom images into ''path''/images/ and the game will load them. See [[Media:Iiii2.1-images.rar|sample images]] and included readme for more info. This readme might have the same issues as the settiiiings.ini file. Whatever. Deal with it. I already told you how. :P
Special thank you to drchink from tehskeen for pointing out the first of many path loading bugs. Per your suggestion, I made it look like the piece is sliding down (very fast) rather than just appearing there. Now post your images here so everyone can enjoy.
== Compiling History ==To compile, you need === [[libwiisprite]] installedMedia:Iiii_v2. Also be sure you have libfat >= 1-TR_source.0.4 (this is included in the latest devkitPro)rar|v2.1-TR]] ===* simple recompile for compatibility with new wiimotes
== History ==
=== [[Media:Iiii2.1 source.rar|v2.1]] ===
* fixed the file loading from SD. again. was broken since HBC 1.0.2
=== [ v1.2]+ ===
Download [[Media:Iiii source1 1.rar‎|v1.1]] and replace iiii.cpp with [ this]. &lt;<s>For 1.2+, the fix was to make std::string path be global and edit line 564 to reflect that.(Thanks to rck`d &amp; TD-Linux for the idea for this fix. TD-Linux had a better solution, but I didn't implement it yet.)&lt;</s> Even better solution now.
* Really ''really'' loads images from ''path''/images/ now
* Pieces slide down rather than teleporting to the bottom.

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