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5th January, 2013
| type = arcade game
| author = Da Vinz
| version = 1.0b0c
| download =
| source =
"WarHeads : Scorched Earth" is a turn-based battle in two-dimensional random terrain, with each player adjusting the angle and power of their tank turret before each shot. Number of weapons and power-ups give a tactical dimension to the game. The weather also impacts the trajectory of missiles and can create infinite situations.
== 5th January, 2013 ==
* Due to a real lack of time, I must abort the dev of WarHeads for Wii.
* I'm really sad about this cause it was a really great adventure
* I'm working on a PC version (Win & Linux) easier to program
'''I want to thank all of you for your support and your friendship.'''
Never stop to play !
== 21th January, 2011 ==
* Version 1.0c !
* Redefinition of GRRLIB functions for scalable drawings (so crappy but I've no choice)
* These "new" functions allow you to rescale your screen, add offset, etc... so you can now REALLY play on any TV !
* Correct a bug with music stream
* Added: Screen Options Menu
* Added: Startup Wizard
== 20th October, 2010 ==
* Version 1.0b is ready
* xxxPersistence of display problemsxxx Now, you can play WarHeads in Europe, USA or China, on an LCD or Cathodic Screen, on 60hz, 50hz and/or widescreen.
* Some new code preparing the incoming of AI
* 9 New Weapons: Sandhogs, Phosphorus Bomb, and Rollers!
== 20th September, 2010 ==
* Rebirth : To avoid confusion, I've rename renamed my game to WARHEADS : Scorched Earth.* Just a few adjustments and a new intro, and WarHeads will be released !* Test it ! It is fully playable !
== 24th July, 2010 ==
* WarHeads : Scorched Earth is now traduced in English.* The Language pack include includes French, English , and Spanish. But it's very easy to add your own language.* The 4 WiiMotes are now supported.* The Napalm is a lovely , deadly weapon :D
== 13th June, 2010 ==
* Here it is ! Find here Here are the files of for WarHeads : Scorched Earth. This pre-version is playable but does not include all the weapons (not programmed yet). The introduction is not activated and the sound track is a test.
* Gameplay must be tuned, but this pre-version will allow you to make a good idea of what WarHeads : Scorched Earth will belike.
* I've past spent all this day trying to find a good track for the intro... and I failfailed.
* Any suggestion suggestions? I listen to you !
== 6th June, 2010 ==
* I've finally open opened this page... To present my work, WarHeads : Scorched Earth. A remake of an existing game, from the 90's. But I just discover discovered how a wiki workworks, from the dark side...
* I'm still search searching for all terms of licenses, for sounds, for images, and some common librarylibraries... so I'm waiting before I release the game and it's sources. Just wait for few days.
* And as soon as the 1st version will be releasable, I will ask for Hbb HBB publication...
== Controls ==
* Thanks to Don Pedro for helping me to transform my Wii in Media Center (and in a new toy for geek)
* Thanks to the Team Twiizers for the Homebrew Channel* Thanks to the DevsLib's team
* Thanks to GRRLIB's team
** Thanks to Crayon... No, I never discuss with him, but all the responses he made in forums are full of patience and wisdom and help me a lot. Really !
* Thanks to Project, a strange website full of psychopathics genius...
* Special thanks to my girlfriend who support supports me every daysday. :) ==> *DOH* she's gone ! :Z
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