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 This application '''''SaveGame Manager GX''''' allows you to extract/install savegames on your Wii. (; data.bin files not supported).It allows savegames to be copied from the Wii to an SD card, including savegames that cannot normally be copied from the system menu. It is a modification of the [[Savegame Manager]] from [[User:Waninkoko|Waninkoko]]. Unlike [[Savegame Manager]], Savegame Manager GX has a wii-like user interface.
== How to use ==
Run the application and select the save you would like to copy to or from your Wii.
*Note: This app requires [[IOS249|cIOS 249]]
* A save game must already exist on the Wii to restore saved games. Play the game once and create a save file before restoring a save game using installer mode.
== Changelog ==
=== R85 ===
* Fixed the "GoogleCode" AutoUpdate problem (one more time...)
:'''NOTE: ''' You will need to update to this revision manually. Due to a few changes from Google on the GoogleCode site, the autoupdater doesn't work anymore. This is fixed in the new revision for future releases.
=== R84 ===
* Removed PowerMenuPower Menu* Added PowerMenu Power Menu in HomeMenuHome Menu* Changed the Power Button on MainMenu Main Menu by a Home Button* Added a ShortCuts Shortcuts Window, that allow you to display saves browsers or mii Mii browsers (Nand NAND save/mii Mii browser and Device default save/mii Mii path)* Wii button is now linked to the ShortCuts Shortcuts Window
=== R83 ===
* Fixed invalid characters for filenames while extract/install miis Miis or saves (Harry Potter fix)
* Fixed the Mii name and creator utf-16 problem if name length is 10 characters
* Fixed a problem with B button's navigation at startup if BootMethod is on "Mii" or "Wii"
=== R82 ===
* Added a message to inform you when an error happend happened while the extract/install All Saves/Miis process
* Added ErrorLog Class to create manageAll process error log file (you are prompted to display this file after the process if an error is encountered)
* Fixed RemoveFolder() fonction function if the folder path is not derminated determined by "/"
* Added ManageThrobber as Class
* Now you can change between displayed browsers by pressing B button
* Added WiiTDB to Credits
* Added Credits music volume to the sound settings
* Added AllNandMii delete() and AllDeviceMiiDelete() fonctions functions to delete all miis Miis in wii Wii or from a folder on your storage device.
* Some little fix & sources clean
- * Using IOS58 for the USB2 now- * Proper shutdown of the USB device at the end
=== R81 ===
* USB2USB 2.0 support added if cIOS202 is installed
=== R80 ===
* fix Fix compiling under linux Linux ( case-sensitivity in path names )
=== R79 ===
* Added Mii in ManageAll window (you can now extract install your miis Miis in one go)
* Added a choice in ManageAll window to select the path where/from extract/install your Saves/Miis
* Added MiiProgress Window to show you miiMii's informations during InstallingAll/ExtractingAll
=== R78 ===
* Added miiMii's birtdaybirthday, miiMii's gender and miiMii's favorite color in ManageMiiPrompt
* Fixed some bugs in ManageMiiPrompt's navigation
* Fixed the "GoogleCode" AutoUpdate problem
:'''NOTE: ''' You will need to update to this revision manually. Due to a few changes from Google on the GoogleCode site, the autoupdater doesn't work anymore. This is fixed in the new revision for future releases.
=== R77 ===
* Added a MiiManagePrompt, for now, that display miiMii's name, creator name and buttons with available actions
=== R76 ===
* Changed .dol boot method
=== R75 ===
=== R74 ===
* Added ability to select where extract a SaveGame save game & a Mii (default config path, browsed path or custom path)
* Added a CustomPath browser to browse through your device, then select or create the path where you want to extract
* Added a SaveCopy() & a SaveMove() fonctions to copy/move the selected SaveGame save game to an other directory
* Added a CopyMii() & a MoveMii() fonctions to copy/move the selected Mii to an other directory (for now, MoveMii() is not used)
=== R73 ===
* Added DeleteDeviceMii() to delete Mii on storage device
* Added DeleteNandMii() to delete Mii on Wii's NandNAND* Fixed problem of detection of already installed mii Mii when there are some empty mii Mii in the nand mii NAND Mii file
=== R72 ===
* Fixed the start up problem if less than 4 saves installed in wiiWii
* Added icon for not installed saves in manage window
* Fixed utf-16 name and subname for not installed saves
* Added a miibrowser MiiBrowser refresh after install a miiMii
=== R71 ===
* fixed Fixed long utf-16 mii Mii name problems* fixed Fixed problem with reboot after update app in updateSettingPrompt
=== R70 ===
* fixed Fixed utf-16 mii Mii name display* fixed Fixed the freeze when enter in setting path and no config file on device, or new custom path in app and first run with the old config file* fixed Fixed the code dump if the extract pass are not set in configfile (now the default path work)* perhaps Perhaps fixed the problem to run app under sneek (thx to report)* some Some sources sort
=== R69 ===
* Added Mii support
* perhaps Perhaps fixed the prob about wii Wii save list display if less than 6 saves installed in your wii (thx to report)* added Added Miis saves default custom path in setting
* Lot of sources sort and clean
* Added a TitleWindow under the WiiSave List to display the name of the selected save
* Added a setting to enable or disable the TitleWindow
* Fixed the google Google AutoUpdate problem (thanks Dimok)
:'''NOTE: ''' You will need to update to this revision manually. Due to a few changes from google Google on the googlecode GoogleCode site the autoupdater doesn't work anymore. This is fixed in the new revision for future releases.
=== R67 ===
=== R66 ===
* Redone the fonction function to get the SaveList in cC++now . Now the savelist info are available more easily everywere everywhere in the app.
=== R65 ===
* Added AllManageWindow (click on old switsh switch button to acces access this fonctionfunction)* little Little changes in UpdateSettingPrompt (check for update if you activate the autoUpdate option)* fixed Fixed gui_banner compile warnings* some Some other little fixes and sources clean* some Some clean in translate strings
=== R64 ===
* Added Reboot fonction function (used after update or font change)
=== R63 ===
=== R62 ===
* lot Lot of fix in ManageWindow navigation* added Added ManageProgress* some Some sources clean
=== R61 ===
* lot Lot of changes in ManageWindow* added Added left/right navigation
=== R60 ===
* BIG BIG changes in SaveManagePrompt, Renamed in ManageWindow. Now construct on class, i can manage buttons and window separately
* fixed Fixed the problem with gui_text
Notes:'''NOTE:''' More changes in mind (like left/right navigation in manageWindowManageWindow) but not time for now so i release this working version ;)
=== R59 ===
* Added a ShowLog fonction function (from WiiXplorer) to download and display the 6 last ChangeLog changelog of SaveGame Manager GX (file is save in your UpdatPath)
* Modified DeviceBrowser and Menu to display .log file (new icon added)
* Some fix on WindowsProgress, TextReader and gui_text
* Added new button in settings prompt about updates
* Added new custom path option: Update Path
* Added update fonction function with settings about meta and icon in update settings
Warning: '''WARNING:''' Delete your old config file !!!
=== R56 ===
* Added a new ScrollText effect (SCROLLFULL) to manage this message
* Now you can change the ScreenSize without reboot the app
* Added LastBrowsedPath to NAVINFO to store the lastest latest browsed path in DeviceBrowser (not used for now)
* Added LastDeviceFirstItem and LastDeviceItemSelected to NAVINFO to return in DeviceBrowser where you leave it (not used for now)
* Changed the NAVINFO update way
* Added Refresh to nav info to allow refresh browser after an extraction
* Created some fonction function in menu_loop to clean up menu.cpp (SaveInstall(), SaveExtract(), ...)* Added SaveDelete() fonction function to delete save on device
=== R55 ===
* Added SaveGameManagePrompt
* added Added LastWiiSaveSelected in NAVINFO to return to the last selected save in wiisave list* added Added LastWiiSaveFirstItem in NAVINFO to display save list were you leave it* many Many changes in gui_savebrowser.cpp and menu.cpp to use those new parametresparameters* some Some navigation fixes* titleid Titleid added to SaveList and DeviceBrowser
* Throbber img and speed fixed
* Language files updated
=== R54 ===
* perhaps Perhaps fixed the start up code dump encountered by some people with sdhc SDHC (please report)* added Added title ID to SaveList and BrowserInfo (for later use...)* some Some sources clean up
=== R53 ===
* changed Changed gui_savebrowser to display save banner instead title* main Main menu now display the 2 browsers (switch by press B or Switch button)* some Some navigation fix
=== R52 ===
* added Added classes and functions needed to generate and display TPLs from save banners (thx pune)* added Added a typedef NAVINFO to store info about navigation between devices and menus* many Many change in browse way, now the last browsed path still in memory and when you back from anywhere, you get your browser where you leave it
=== R51 ===
* added Added NandBlockSize() fonction function to get the blocksize of save in the wii nandWii NAND* added Added blocksize to savegame save game struct & devicebrowserinfo for later use (for now, if the save is not installed on the nandNAND, the returned blocksize is 0)
=== R50 ===
=== R49 ===
* added Added getNandName() fonction function to get the real wii Wii utf-16 encoding (will see later for utf-16 fix)* added Added subname to savegame save game struct for later use* added Added getTitleSubName() fonction function to get subname for save on device* added Added subname to browserdevice struct for later use
* The device browser display now only directories and saves (other files are not needed)
* the The language files are now downloaded on google Google instead of my server
=== R48 ===
* Changed the way of Settings class (now use a struct instead of always save and reload cfg file)
* SaveList is now created in mainmenu() at start up for faster menu refresh
* fixed Fixed the savebrowser length
* Makefile tweaks for faster compile on Windows (image convert printout removed)(thx Dimok)
=== R46 ===
* just Just some sort in sources
=== R45 ===
* Reverted to rev34 (please, all people having trouble with code dump, report if the app boot or if acces access correctly to settings now)
* Moved r44+ last work in branches for later use
:'''NOTE:''' So the work will restart on the first working version(now will try to get more stable app)
=== R44+ ===
=== R44 ===
* Added SaveIcon to SaveManage prompt (displayed only if save already installed on wiiWii)
* Many changes in SaveManage prompt
* Now you can choice where extract saves (defaultpath, browsedPath)
* Added Delete Save in device (not in wiiWii)* the The browser is now refresh after extract or delete
=== R43 ===
* Changed the way to get name and subname (more stable, but for now, utf-8 support is break)
* added Added a sort save files in device browser (now sorted by alphabetical displayname)
=== R42 ===
* Now, the blocksize is always get from the nand NAND (so the blocksize is now working for device but if youhave you have already a save install on the wiiWii).* added Added a GetSubName fonctionfunction* added Added the Subname in SaveManagePrompt
=== R41 ===
* Added a SaveGamePrompt to display information about the save (still to add the icon)
* added Added the wiiblock size to the savegame save game struct* added Added the getfoldersize fonction function to get the savesize on device* languages Languages files updated
note: '''NOTE:''' the getfoldersize fonction function is not completely working for now
=== R40 ===
* Changed some things in DeviceBrowser to restore is fonctionality functionality following the WiiSavebrowser changes
* Giantpune added to meta.xml ;)
=== R39 ===
* New Browser Layout working for wii Wii browser
* Switch browsing between the 2 browser by press B or click Switch button.
=== R38 ===
* Giantpune added to Credits, Thx man
* Started to implement the new browser layout (not completly completely working for now).
=== R37 ===
* add Add functions to get the size of save data from the nand NAND (not used foranything yet, but at least its there)
=== R36 ===
*add Add subfolder create before trying to extract a save*fix Fix building on linux Linux machines (case sensitivity)*fix Fix bug in the list length*added Added classes and functions needd needed to generate and display TPLs fromsave banners*changed Changed the savebrowser to display those banners for nand NAND saves onlyright now
=== R35 ===
* added Added left and right scroll on wiisavebroser (page/page)* fixed Fixed some issue with scrollbar on wiisavebroser* started Started to implement a detection of wich which save type is selected in WiiBrowser(don't work for now)
=== r034 R34 ===
* First "working" version
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