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'''Castles of Dr. Creep''' is a 1984 Commodore 64 game written by Ed Hobbs and published by Broderbund Software.

This project is an open source rewrite, allowing you to play the game using an image (D64) of the original disk. Additionally, a Castle Builder has been added allowing the player to modify existing castles, or build new ones from scratch. Presently it can compile and play on both Windows, Nintendo Wii, and Linux (Ubuntu specifically has been tested).

===SVN-351 (11/07/2010)===
*Fix sprite collision bug, Fix another object collision issue
*Fix the game speed, making it run at the original PAL speed.
*Adds the ability to edit text in Builder

===SVN-345 (11/05/2010)===
*All objects can now be placed and linked.
*The map screen can be edited with the door positions being adjustable.

===SVN-338 (11/04/2010)===
*A Castle Builder is now included, with the hotkey information available in the readme. While this feature exists in the Wii version, at present it is unusable due to a lack of controls.

===SVN-270 (07/15/2010)===
*Wii WAD/Dol Version now available! (sound is buggy)
*Options Menu is now implemented

===SVN-219 (05/12/2010)===
*Sound and performance have also been improved, along with some minor bug fixes.

===SVN-168 (05/05/2010)===
*Game Play Timer
*Save Game/Load Game (uses D64s, supports original savegames)
*Sound Effects/Introduction Music

===SVN-125 (02/11/2010)===
*This is the first public release, the game is completable with minor issues occasionally causing lockups.


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