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Nintendo has added 5 demo WiiWare titles to the [[Wii Shop Channel]]. Each demo is was 0 Points and after the end of the demo you will be were taken to the Wii Shop Channel for the full version. The "Demo Service" is was experimental and is was currently marked as "Temporary". The demos are set to be removed were on January 31, 2010, however due to the success of this service there seems to be a possibility that it will be made permanent.
For a detailed article please go to [ '''this article''']
== Currently Previously Available Demos ==
*'''Pokemon Rumble''' {{Wiimote4}}''' = '''{{WiimoteHorizontal}}''' / ''' {{Wiimote}}+{{Nunchuk}}''' / ''' {{GCNController}}
*'''World of Goo''' {{Wiimote4}}
*'''NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits''' {{Wiimote2}} {{Nunchuk}}
To access these demos simply go to the [[Wii Shop Channel]] select "WiiWare" then "Search By Genre" and then select "Demo".
More information on these demos is available in the [[Title database#00010001-Xxxx : WiiWare - Demos|Title Database]].


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