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Find now the new release of Scorched Earth pre-alpha version. This version do not include all kinds of weapons, but it is fully playable, with all future features.
Todo before releasing alpha Version :
* Hostile lands* Find more sounds (25%)* Better Lightning death(0%)* Write a manual* Traduce and Finish Remake an Intro:( (-60%)* Traduce weapons description(50%)* Program missing weapons(85%)* Add new death styles (40%)* Add a Credits page (20%)* Find a bug in the inventory (33% identified ;) )* Change for a better Missile glow (90%)
Oh ! Don't forget : Visit Scorched Earth's [ site]
Please, feed back in this page or mail me at
Thanks !
--[[User:DaVinz|DaVinz]] 1418:0632, 21 August 3 September 2010 (UTCCEST)


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