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WiiBrew:Homebrew releases/July 2008

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* '''31 July 08''': [[User:Vader347|Vader347]] over at [irc:// #wiidev] has released an unofficial version of [[Homebrew apps/MPlayerWii#Unofficial_Versions|MPlayerWii]] which includes [[User:pepsiman|pepsiman's]] widescreen bug fix.
* '''31 July 08''': [[User:SquidMan|SquidMan]] has released a new version of [[Homebrew apps/WiiMU|WiiMU]].* '''28 July 08''': [[User:Cortes48|Cortes48]] has released a new version of [[Homebrew apps/CharioMan|CharioMan]]. A simply anti-pong game.* '''26 July 08''': Bushing has released [[Homebrew apps/xyzzy|xyzzy]], an application that allows you to find out all of the encryption keys for your wii. [ Hackmii Link]* '''26 July 08''': JustWoody has released v0.2 of [[Homebrew apps/MahJongg Wii|Mahjongg Wii]], a mahjongg solitaire game. Added music, SFX, new font, some fixes, and new features.* '''22 July 08''': [[Homebrew apps/Wii Web Server|Wii Web Server alpha v0.8]] has been released.* '''17 July 08''': farter released a new version of [[Homebrew apps/GeeXboX|GeeXboX]] media player. Wiimote, bluetooth, USB storage and network support included.* '''16 July 08''': SquidMan has released v0.1a2 of [[Homebrew apps/WiiMU|WiiMU]], a PoC Channel Launcher.Some fixes, and new features.
* '''15 July 08''' Big Bang Theory made a minor update to the [[Wii Brew SD Installer|Wii Brew SD Installer]] to version 1.3.
* '''14 July 08''': Beardface has released [[Homebrew apps/WiiOperation|WiiOperation ]] 1.2.0]], an operation-esque game for the wii; featuring custom user levels.* '''12 July 08''': DragonMinded has released [[Homebrew apps/DragonMedia Player|DragonMedia Player 0.1b]], a fully skinnable media player.* '''10 July 08''': miom has released [[Homebrew apps/SD Explorer|SD Explorer 1.0a]]. New graphical frontend and better usability.* '''09 July 08''': Beta release v0.02 of [[Homebrew apps/MPlayerWii|MPlayer Wii]] is out. Minor bugfixes and changes.* '''08 July 08''': Beardface has released [[Homebrew apps/WiiPhysics|WiiPhysics 1.3]]. Many new features and bug fixes.* '''05 July 08''': IRIS & Up Rough have ported their musicdisk "[[Homebrew apps/Planet Hively|Planet Hively]]" to the Wii.* '''05 July 08''': [[Homebrew apps/MPlayerWii|MPlayerWii]], a native media player for the Wii, has been released.
* '''05 July 08''': [ Whiite-Linux] has been officially released with instructions.
* '''01 July 08''': [[Homebrew apps/Yabause Wii|Yabause Wii Ac_K Modification]], a little optimisation of Yabause by Ac_K.
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