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If you have any further questions, suggestions or anything then please contact us at the [ google code] SVN page or #priiloader on [irc://]
== Quick note by DacoTaco ==
currently 0.5 is in the making and nearing release more and more. however; starting 0.5 we will '''NO LONGER SUPPORT CIOS OR ANY OF ITS IOS PATCHES''' since the homebrew channel has kindly put dvdx functions in the homebrew channel making it so that we can have full hardware access in the installer and do whatever we want.
== Known Issues ==
:* Booting a Dol/Title now stops the DVD drive as well
:* Titles list is now forced to display in english
:* Dropped Support of Cios
:* Added support for Homebrew channel 1.0.7&1.0.8 booting & reloading (in case of a DSI crash)
:* Added online Updating (full versions and beta versions. also language mods are available)


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