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{{Userboxtop}}{{Userbox country|USA}}{{Userbox lang|en}}{{Userbox code|C++}}{{Userbox code|PHP}}{{Userbox dev|Win}}{{Userbox dev|Lin}}{{Userbox system menu|4.1U}}{{Userbox Trucha}}{{Userbox homebrew channel|1.0.8}}{{Userbox bootmii}}{{Userbox Twilight Hack}}{{Userbox bannerbomb}}{{Userbox wiimote|3}}{{Userbox nunchuk|2}}{{Userbox classic controller|2}}{{Userbox gamecube controller|3}}{{Userbox sdhccard|4gb}}{{Userbox DSi|1}}{{Userboxbottom}} Just beginning with programming; more of an interface designer than a code monkey. Regardless, I'll eventually make somethingfor my beloved little white box.


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