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I can see you used a lot of under GPL replay routines (mikmod, sc68, etc...), in the spirit of open source you provided sources of your application part, where we can see in the makefile, you use -lflac -lsc68 -lym etc... but nothing to make use able to build those libs. Can you show us the way to make us able to compile a final ELF you provide ? (in respect of GPL ;) )
: This request has nothing to do with GPL. GPL just says you have to provide the source, not show people how to build it. --[[User:Tantric|Tantric]] 19:53, 23 August 2010 (UTC)
: It was just a friendly way to explain, that the "src" packages dragonminded provided is not enough according to me. To quote the website "But if you release the modified version to the public in some way, the GPL requires you to make the modified source code available to the program's users, under the GPL." And i really doubt that coping the originals replay routines sources is enough to rebuild the elf. Perhaps am i wrong ?
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