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== Architecture ==
BootMii is comprised by four pieces of software:
* '''Installer ''' -- this This is a simple ELF file which may be run using your favorite method (HBC, [[Twilight Hack]], or any other exploit which can load standard executables). It checks your Wii to make sure it can safely be modified, saves some vital data for disaster recovery, and installs the rest of the components.* '''Loader stub ''' -- this This is a small bit of ARM code which is injected into [[boot2]], replacing Nintendo's internal ELF loader. When run, it looks to see if an SD card is inserted. If so, it tries to load and execute /bootmii/armboot.bin instead of boot2. Otherwise, it will fall back to loading boot2.* '''[[mini]] ''' -- this This is a rudimentary replacement for IOS that is best suited for low-level recovery functions. Source code is available under GPLv2 [ here].* '''BootMii ''' (or bootmii-ppc) -- when When mini runs, it looks for a file named /bootmii/ppcboot.elf on the SD card. If it exists, mini loads this executable into memory, boots up the [[Broadway ]] (ppc) and executes that binary in parallel with mini. Source code is available under GPLv2 at (tbd).
Both mini and bootmii-ppc must be present in order to draw a user interface, because the [[Starlet]] cannot directly access the Video Interface.


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