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* [ ROMs] & saves files should be stored in '''fceugx/roms''' and '''fceugx/saves''' on the root of your SD card, USB flash drive, or SMB share. You can copy the fceugx directory from the archive to your support drive.
* Launch the emulator using your [[List of homebrew applications (loaders)|Loader]].
== Wii Channel ==
wilsoff and MrNick666 were gracious enough to create an official Wii Channel. You can find it on the [ Downloads] page.
=== Prerequisites ===
* You must have IOS58 to use this channel. Either upgrade to System Menu 4.3,
or use the IOS58 Installer (
* You must have HBC 1.0.8+ to run the installer. It is also recommended that
HBC be running under IOS58, but this is not necessary.
* This channel tries load apps/fceugx/boot.dol from SD or USB. You must have
FCE Ultra GX installed in one of these locations.
=== Installation ===
# Copy the installer files to your SD/USB device
# Launch the installer from HBC
# Click Install
# Done!
== Loading Games ==
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