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'''Bannerbomb''' is an exploit capable of launching [[homebrew]] from any version of the [[System Menu]]version 4.2 or below. It was created by Comex to replace the [[Twilight Hack]], which does not work on [[System Menu 4.0]].
<b style="color:red;">NOTE: Whilst the The [ original version] of Bannerbomb (the version which launches via Data Management) does not support [[System Menu 4.2]], the [ updated version] (launches via the SD Card Menu) does!</b> The original Bannerbomb exploit does not work with [[System Menu 4.2]], it only works with [[System Menu 4.1]] or older. However [ Bannerbomb v2] has been released by Comex, and works on 4.2. No version of Bannerbomb works on [[System Menu 4.3]] or newer; use [[Smash Stack]] or [[Indiana Pwns]] instead.</b>
The exploit works by using a malformed banner to crash the Wii and run code to load the boot.dol placed in the root of the SD card. It can be used to install the [[Homebrew Channel]], DVDx and the BootMii public beta via the [ HackMii Installer].


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