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== Installation ==
<pre>This is just another basic Front SD elf/dol loader that looks for known emulators.<br \>To use it, simply follow the steps below:<br \>
1/ create a directory at the root the SDCARD (FAT16 format only) and named it "emuloader" (without the quotes)<br \>
2/ place any supported .dol or .elf emulators you want in this directory:<br \>
- Do NOT modify the original emulator filenamefile name, the loader is looking for specific strings inside filenames file names in order to detect which emulator is present or not:<br \>
- Genesis Plus ---> genplus (It meens means prefix file name --> ex. "genplus_wii_pal60.elf") (Need to create genplus/roms and genplus/saves on root) <br \>- SMS Plus ---> smsplus (It meens means prefix file name --> ex. "smsplus_wii_pal60.elf") (Need to create smsplus/roms and smsplus/saves on root)<br \>- FCEuGC ---> fceugc<br \>- GnuboyGX ---> gnuboy<br \>- Snes9xGX ---> snes9x (It meens means prefix file name --> ex. "snes9x_version_pal.elf") (Need to create snes9x/roms and snes9x/saves on root)<br \>- HugoGC ---> hugo (It meens means prefix file name --> ex."hugo_wii_pal60.elf") (Need to create hugo/roms and hugo/saves on root)<br \>
- Obviously, only use "wii mode" versions of these emulators, GC versions won't work properly in Wii mode !<br \>
3/ launch emuloader_wii*.elf or.dol with the method of your choice (for example, using TP Hack). In the menu, the following keys are used (Note that you still need a Gamecube controller):<br \>
. * Button A: lauch the selected emulator. * Analog Stick, Left/right button: select another emulator. * Z Trigger: Reboot TP loader
NOTE: if you have a PAL Wii, always use the PAL60 version.<br \>
Credits:<br \><nowiki>-----------</nowiki> <br \>. * SD Front access code by _svpe, marcan, bushing<br \>. * libOGC by shagkur& wntrmute <br \>. * DOL loading code by shagkur<br \>. * ELF loading code by William L. Pitts<br \>. * VFAT library by softdev</prebr \>


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