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| type = Game
| author = [[User:iSubaru|iSubaru]]
| version = RC1RC2
| download =
| website =
=== Known Bugs ===
* Reseting board gets buggy (working on it)
* No meta.xml and icon.png made yet (on next release should be ready)
* website section is being prepared, download however works, so enjoy since then
| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || Back to Homebrew Channel
| {{WiimoteAButton}} || Choosepanel
| {{WiimoteBButton}} || Reset Board for next round (buggy a littlefixed)
# After You reset board for next round, sprites are getting buggy, I'm working on fix now
== FAQ ==
;Game seems little brokenStill no more musicUnfortunately library I use for coding can eat only MOD files for now so I can't use XM/IT/S3M/other formats...yet;But that doesn't mean...Indeed itIt means I's RC1 m limited to MOD format and it I can only create in that format or find temporary tracks, limited a little;But stillGet out then if You are so impatient :P More music coming soon, game is half workingplayable now, itaren's playable more or less, next version will cover most annoying bugst You happy?;NOYour problem;Player 1 always starts the No Intro/Ending ScreensSince main gameIt will be corrected in next releasecode is sort of fixed, I can think about least intro for now
== Changelog ==
=== RC2 - 23 July 2010 ===
* Corrected graphics
* Corrected Players Change (turn-based regardless of win)
* Preparations in code for more music to select from to play
* Added writing which player turn is now (0 is player 1 while 1 is for player 2) for now it is where it is for future debugging
* Added word "Wii" on the left side to not leave it empty, maybe there will be some info or buttons for music in future
=== RC1 - 18 July 2010 ===


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