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- Do NOT modify the original emulator filename, the loader is looking for specific strings inside filenames in order to detect which emulator is present or not:
- Genesis Plus ---> genplus (Tested working name:"genplus_wii_pal60.elf") (Need to create genplus/roms and genplus/saves on root) - SMS Plus ---> smsplus(Tested working name:"smsplus_wii_pal60.elf") (Need to create smsplus/roms and smsplus/saves on root)
- FCEuGC ---> fceugc
- GnuboyGX ---> gnuboy
- Snes9xGX ---> (Tested working name:"snes9xsnes9xwii.elf) (Need to create snes9x/roms and snes9x/saves on root)- HugoGC ---> hugo (Tested working name:"hugo_wii_pal60.elf") (Need to create hugo/roms and hugo/saves on root)  
- Obviously, only use "wii mode" versions of these emulators, GC versions won't work properly in Wii mode !


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