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| type = role playing game
| author = [[User:ThatOtherperson|ThatOtherPerson]]
| download =
| website =
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{ClassicController}}
| hbb = yes
'''Pineapple Apocalypse RPG''' is a 2D turn based RPG with overly pixelated retro style graphicspixelated visuals. You play as a robot and there are apparently mutated pineapples along with other enemies that you can to randomly encounter. There is no real plot or NPCs or story progression though . There is just an open world to wander around in well fighting and level grinding.
== Controls ==
{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"
! {{WiimoteHorizontal}} !! {{ClassicController}} !! Action
| {{WiimoteDPad}} || {{WiimoteDPad}} || Move
| {{Wiimote2Button}} || {{WiimoteAButton}} || Accept
| {{WiimotePlusButton}} || {{WiimotePlusButton}} || Save
| {{WiimoteMinusButton}} || Load|-| {{WiimoteHomeButtonWiimoteMinusButton}} || Exit to loaderLoad
== To Do Changes ==
Fix the resolution v1.1 - July 21, 2010 -* Improved frame rate.* classic controller support.* Bug fix relating to fit properly on screen (it could just be my TV but a little bit of it gets clipped off on combat with non mutated pineapples.* Corrected two tiles which where not being rendered* Repositioned text boxes away from the top and bottom of the screen)to ensure that they are fully visible. I would also like to add * Added a home menu rather then just having you immediately exit out of the game. I might also add an in game menu to select to create text box reminding which button saves and load from multiple save fileswhich loads. Additional enemies might be added to just because its easy to do* Added background music. I dont really have any plans to significantly improve the game or add much content. I would more likely start somewhat from scratch and make * Added a sequel if I feel the urge to do more in this genere of gameshome menu.
== Video ==v1.0 - November 23, 2009 - horrifically low quality video * first release of the game running on for Wii: {||-|<youtube>n6VMJQtn5xI</youtube>|}.
A significantly better quality video (it was recorded with fraps rather then my archaic digital camera) of the almost identical PC version:== Additional credits ==
{|Background music (Aeroplanes) by Nanodrone.|-|<youtube>w7FyL9h64QI<>|}
== Sequel ==

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