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Any chance the sdl_gfx library will ever be fixed for Wii? My program relies heavily on the primitive drawing functions and I'm getting dumps. *sigh* if only sdl_draw supported triangles... [[User:Aeron|Aeron]] 03:20, 6 March 2010 (UTC)
== SDL Licensing ==
== This Tutorial Is Broken ==This tutorial no longer seems to work. I'm getting an assortment of errors. Could someone please add version number or file links that are compatible with this tutorial? <small>—Preceding unsigned comment added by [[User:Wiibrew111|Wiibrew111]] ([[User talk:Wiibrew111|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/Wiibrew111|contribs]]) 20:39, 26 May 2012 (CEST)</small>I just noticed that in the WII SDL requires a commercial license to statically link page ( ) the librarygamecube controller support is not documented. == Gamecube controller support== It is not documented, I don't know how this will affect but from the code it seems that SDL Wii should support also the gamecube controllers which should be mapped to SDL joystick 4-7 (Wii Homebrew controllers are mapped to 0-3), the stick axes and the pad are associated as in the DS Wii classsic controller and PSP versions require static linkingthe buttons are with this order: BUTTON 0 = A,BUTTON 1 = B,BUTTON 2 = X,BUTTON 3 = Y,BUTTON 4 = Z,BUTTON 5 = R,BUTTON 6 = L,BUTTON 7 = START I can not say if the support works since I do not have a gamecube controller to test [[User:Oibaf|Oibaf]] 1 Jan 2013 (UTC) There were some bugs in the code. Not it is fixed. Anyone want to check? [[User:Oibaf|Oibaf]] 28 Oct 2013 (UTC)


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