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Devkitppc setup (Windows)

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devkitPPC is the toolchain provided by [[DevkitPro]] for Wii and Gamecube development. This guide describes setting up such a system under Windows. A guide for Mac OS X 10.5.x users can be found [[Getting started with DevkitPPC on Mac OS X|here]] and a guide for Linux [[Getting started with DevkitPPC on Linux|here]]
== Introduction ==
This tutorial aims to:
* Show you how to setup the devkitppc development environment on a Windows computer
* Run a hello world example on the include included Gcube emulator* Run a hello world example on the Wii using [[wiiload]]* Set you on the road to creating your own homebrew software to be loaded with the [[Twilight Hack]] or [[Homebrew Channel]]
== Installing devkitPPC ==
* Goto Go to [[http]devkitpro/files/Automated%20Installer/ this page] and download the latest Windows installer.
* Let it install to the C:\devkitPro\ to make it easier to follow the tutorial for now.
* When installing it, you can deselect devkitARM and devkitPSP
* Under no circumstances should you place projects within the devkitPro folder. The windows updater can and will overwrite/delete your files.
* Create a new folder outside the devkitPro folder, c:\projects\wii for example. This path should not contain spaces.
* Copy the folder C:\devkitPro\examples\wii\template\ to this new directory and rename it to "helloworld" so that the full path is c:\projects\wii\helloworld\
== Compile the Hello World Example ==
* Click on Tools->make or use the ALT+1 key combination
* The output window at the bottom will show the build progress
Note: If you are having trouble compiling some programs under Windows Vista (eg. libogc cvs), try unsetting PLATFORM variable. (in msys shell, "unset PLATFORM")
== Run the Hello World Example on the emulator ==
* Now, browse to the helloworld folder. There should be a helloworld.dol file here now.
* Open Run the helloworld.dol in an emulator. As of 23-Feb-2019, emulators for the Wii are mostly compatible and feature complete. [[Dolphin]] can successfully boot all GameCube games, most Wii games and most homebrew. See the [[Dolphin]] page for more information. Another emulator is [[Gcube]]. Gcube does not run homebrew compiled in Wii mode, but can run homebrew if compiled for the GameCube mode. See the [[Gcube]] page for more information. == Run the Hello World Example on the Wii using wiiload ==* For this fileto work, you need to have the [[Homebrew Channel]] installed on your Wii and when windows asks what program a way to use, tell access the Wii via TCP.* Get wiiload.exe from the [ Homebrew Channel archive] (should be in wiiload\win32) and copy it to use C:\devkitprodevkitPro\emulatorsmsys\gcube\gcubebin.* Set the environment variable WIILOAD to something like "tcp:" (replace the IP with your Wii's IP). This can be done via Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables. Then restart windows.* Start the Homebrew Channel on your Wii.* Click on Tools -> run or use the ALT+R key combination.* The output window at the bottom will show the upload progress (so does the Homebrew Channel) and the example will be started on your Wii when it's done. == Edit the msys etc/profile file ==The etc/profile file loads some settings at each launch of the msys shell.exeIt can be used to set some environement variable for the compiler/linker
The resulting dol should be compatible with the Twilight Hack<source lang="bash">export CC=powerpc-eabi-gccexport CXX=powerpc-eabi-g++export DEVKITPRO=/c/usr/devkitproexport DEVKITPPC=$DEVKITPRO/devkitPPCexport SDL_CONFIG=$DEVKITPRO/libogc/bin/sdl-config export WIILOAD="tcp:"export PATH="$DEVKITPPC/bin:$DEVKITPPC/powerpc-eabi/bin:$DEVKITPPC\libexec\gcc\powerpc-eabi\4. Unfortunately dols compiled with CVS 4.3:$PATH"export LDFLAGS="-L$DEVKITPRO/libogc and future stable releases will not be compatible with gcube./lib/wii"</source>
== Some Code snippets ==Set the $DEVKITPRO variable to the devkitpro directory and the WIILOAD with the Wii IP.
libogc provides a jump back CC: C Compiler to the loader through the standard libc exit function. exit(0) will immediately return, all other values will display a console screen with the exit code.use
* Add this in your main while loop, under "VIDEO_WaitVSyncCXX: C++ compiler to use (note: CPP stand for C preprocessor)":
''PAD_ScanPads();''DEVKITPRO: Needed by the Devkitpro Makefiles
''int buttonsDown = PAD_ButtonsHeld(0);''WIILOAD: Needed by the wiiload program
''if( (buttonsDown & PAD_TRIGGER_Z) && (buttonsDown & PAD_BUTTON_START)) {''PATH: Search in bin and libexec in order to perform a gcc or g++ command without a makefile, followed by your Windows existing variables.
== Some Code snippets ==:''See also: [[Developer Tips]]''libogc provides a jump back to the loader through the standard libc exit function. exit(0);''will immediately return, all other values will display a console screen with the exit code.
== Links ==* [ devkitPro's '}'Getting Started'Wiki]* [[Devkitppc setup (Mac OS X)|Getting started with DevkitPPC on Mac OS X]]* [[Devkitppc setup (Linux)|Getting started with DevkitPPC on Linux]]
==Links==[http[Category:// devkitPro's 'Getting Started' WikiDevelopment]]

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