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'''All your error reports and suggestions will be heard and I'll keep them in mind for future releases.'''
== USB HD? Network? Or CD/DVD Support ==
Thank you for your work. I will bring this to a party this weekend along with the laptop and ultrastar. Ulstrastar has no freeplay mode which your software will allow me to do. A few questiosn though. Why not CD/DVD support? Some empluators have CD/DVD support. Why not use the mp3 lame codec if you are worried about mp3 license? I thought the license requirements are just for those that encode it which your software does not do? In the demo what is the dancing man? Can one turn that off and just show the cover art? Please put a forum on your site so we can discuss more? I have wiki discussions. If you need free webhosting space let me know. Although I think pretty much everyone has that. Thanks [[User:Kieranmullen|Kieranmullen]] 23:27, 11 May 2010 (UTC)
== Some questions ==

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