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| title = Simple Nand COnverterConverter| image = [[File:Zelda 256x256.png]]| type = system toolpc utility
| author = [[User:nicolodouma|nicolodouma]]
| version = final
| download =
| source = included
| license = BSD/GPL| language = French | website =
{{Modifies NAND}}
'''Simple Nand Converter''' is a wrapper of [[betwiin]] with Python and all libs pre-installed. No need to install libs, just downloaderdownload, extract and click. [[File:Capturer.JPG]] The interface is in French, but i can help you a bit:The first button open a "Browse..." window. You must select the "keys.bin" from BootMii (from '''your''' Wii).The second button is the same, but for the '''destination''''s Wii.After, you must copy the "nand.bin" in '''<folder where you extracted the application>/betwiin/input''' and rename it to '''flash.bin''' Click on the third button, answer to the red question with the left button, and click on the button of the next popup.A terminal will open, it's simply betwiin.   '''THIS SOFTWARE HAS THE SAME LIMITATIONS AS BETWIIN. IF YOU DON'T READ THESE LIMITATIONS, BRICK, AND BOOTMII WON'T SAVE YOU !''' _____________________ '''English Language Mod:''' [ mediafire download]


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