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Home: Return to the menu if in-game, exit the game if at the menu.
Z or C + Shake: Generate a barrier around you. This will heal ally units within the radius and negate enemy bullets.
== History ==
0.2 - Added some 8-bit sound effects. Fixed certain variables not being reset when a game is restarting. You can adjust the width and height gaps in the Options menu, to help with any overscan. Added shield element: hold either the Z or C on the nunchuk and shake to generate a unit-healing, enemy-bullet-negating barrier.
0.1 - Initial Release.
* "How to Play" not implemented yet.
* Bullet collision detection can be a bit eyebrow raising at times.
* Apparently, there's some selection irks that I've just noticed.
* High score saving and loading volatile in action. I plan to switch to XML for saving these in the next update.
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