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=== 1.0.5 ===
* Added support Support for [[System Menu 4.2]]* Faster Improved startup.* Prefer HBC prefers boot.elf over boot.dol when launching apps.* New shiny Improved fonts, tweaked to the last subpixel.[enjoy :)]* Widescreen support :** If your Wii is set to 16:9 in the system menu options, HBC won’t stretch the picture like it did on in older versions. Unfortunately the fonts might look a little weird then, it really depends on the used display unit. Blame the lack of true widescreen support on the Wii for that.)* Grid view :** Hit 2/Y while browsing applications to switch between the old and the new view. This shows 4 columns on 16:9 setups, TVs** 3 columns on 4:3 users only get 3.TVs* Device hot-plugging swapping:*Added a menu for device options* App sorting* You can remove and insert devices (front SD slot, USB mass storage, and SDGecko in both slots) at all times now without reloading HBC. To change to another device, hit 1/X to bring up a simple option dialog.* Name* Application sort order :* Release date** You can now choose how to sort the shown entries. Current options: either by the name or by the * For release date. Note that for the latter sort order sorting to work a valid release_date tag has to must be present in the apps meta.xml file. Again, hit 1/X for the options dialog to set this.* wiiload Wiiload overhaul :**On-the-fly compression: Uploaded files are automatically compressed on PC side: This makes it way faster, especially on bigger files. ** Improved USBGecko support: Faster uploads, and you don’t have to stop reading debug messages from the device while uploading files. ** libftdi support: Because ftdi-sio fails, especially on OSX. Note: *** Because of these improvements, older wiiload version versions and 3rd party upload clients are incompatible. Use the bundled v0.5, binaries and source code are included.* Basic application app management :** To add apps: Just wiiload a ZIP archive, it will then get extracted to the active device. The ZIP file must be structured in a certain way, check [ this] description for the details. To ** Added option to delete apps: There’s a new button on the application dialog.
=== 1.0.4 ===
* Fix the Fixed POWER button bug with [[(BootMii]] IOS)
* Turned HBC upside down for those who modified the contents of the HBC or installed it using a "wad manager"
=== 1.0.3 ===
* SDHC cards are working support... again* Improved SD performance has been increased again Card support (regression was introduced in v1.0.2)* HBC works on is compatable with all pre-4.2 system menu versions now (stock 3.3 post Oct 23 has issues{{ref|1|1}})
* Fixed rare hangs when exiting HBC
* Translation added Added translation for "Launch [[BootMii]]" button
=== 1.0.2 ===
* Added "Launch [[BootMii]]" button (--only for [[BootMii]] IOS version) -- to home menu* Compatible with System menu 4.0support* USB support added* Wii's front power button now shutsdown the wiiManual shutdown support
=== 1.0.1 ===
* Fixed B button issues
* [[Wiimote]]s now keep the ordering from the [[Wiimotes are in-sync with System Menu]] ([[libogc]])* Hopefully Possibly fixed the USB Ethernet Issues* Fixed [[wiimote]] auto-shutdown ([[libogc]])* Hopefully Possibly fixed "video after shutdown" Issues ([[libogc]])
* Changes to () -> *
=== 1.0 ===
* metaMeta.xml now handles supports all ISO-8859-1 characters properly* [[Wiimote]] power button shutdown support (shutdown)* [[Wiimote]] rumble honors Rumble support (system settingmenu settings)
* Fixed some crash bugs
* Fix Fixed meta.xml UNIX style newline regression* All [[wiimote]]s work now, not just the first oneSupport for Non-Nintendo wiimotes
* Classic Controller support
* Nunchuk support (scroll only)
* Guitar Hero 3 guitar support
* Left and right change pages too/Right button page scrolling
* Hit 1 on [[Wiimote]] for net reload (like net icon click or GC Z)
* Add information to installer
* Fixed some networking network issues with net disabled
* Pushed in some text to avoid overscan crop
* Widened video width to match [[System Menu]] ("black bars" fix)
* B returns from app screen (unless scrolling)
* Try to initialize network earlierAuto-connect support* Retry network init a few times* Fix a networking issue ([[libogc]])
* Reload stub now identifies itself (magic number)
* Support for broken HTTP proxies in update check* Show [[Added IOS]] revision in main menu
=== Beta 9 ===
* Installer / updater now works with the October 23 update
* SDHC support
* REALLY fixed the memcard Fixed memory card bug* Installer now picks newest sane [[IOS]], (fixes some beta8 beta 8 regressions)* Added a reload button (for SD card changes)* Return Removed return to [[System Menu]] skips system menu warning
* Fixed some graphical glitches
* Compliant ELF loading code (if you get errors use [[ELF to DOL Converter]])
* Saner Improved XML load code
* Many fixes to underlying stuff in the newer [[libogc]]
=== Beta 8 ===
* you don’t Removed the need to eject your memcards anymore* switched Converted from IOS35 to IOS21, this makes the (hbc is usable on older firmwaresnow)* improved Improved SD card loading performance (thankssupport **Thanks, [[User:svpe|svpe]]!)* improved some Improved translations* the Fixed IP label isn’t cut off anymore* fixed Improved argv support when loading SD apps* fixed a minor [[Fixed wiiload]] issue* the SD app entries Apps are now sorted alphabetically* [[wiimote]] rumble Rumble support* installer Installer overhaul, it now warns you ** Added warning if your [[System Menu]] system menu is too new (future updates)
=== Beta 7 ===
(Initial Public Release besides chainloader)
* minor Minor bugfixes and last * GUI updates* more Added translations
* ISO distribution
* first First public beta
=== Beta 6 ===
* GUI overhaul chapter two2* Added translations* [[wiimote]] Wiimote dragging on memo widget* auto Auto-disconnect [[wiimote]] after idle time* various Other fixesI can't remember 
=== Beta 5 ===
* GUI overhaul chapter one1* Improved IR pointer smoothing* improved Improved argv support* fixed bugs introduced with Fixed [[wiimote| wiimote code]] codebugs* fixed Fixed update bugs
* SD card is scanned for boot.dol then boot.elf
=== Beta 4 ===
* [[Added wiimote]] IR cursor 
=== Beta 3 ===
* Fixed flicker fixglitch* stable [[Stable wiimote]] librarieslibs* Support for argv support
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