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| title = RaveWild
| image = [[File:RaveWild_Icon.png|200px|center]]| type = Arcade, Strategyother game
| author = [[User:ShinCrusader|ShinCrusader]]
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| version = 0.13
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| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{Nunchuk}} {{FrontSDHC}}
| hbb = noyes
 '''RaveWild ''' is a mix between a top-down shooter, a tower defense game (kinda), and a real-time strategy. You create three different units to protect you as invaders pour in at an increasing rate. Your job is to survive as long as you can. This is an alpha build, so be sure to give me constructive feedback so I can improve on it.
== Features ==
== Controls ==
B Button: Hold down and drag to select units; fire bullets when in Fighter Mode.
A Button: Order units to move towards a designated spot/Select an invader to attack.
Home: Return to the menu if in-game, exit the game if at the menu.
Down on Pad: Switch between Commander Mode (select and move minions) and Fighter Mode.
== History ==
0.3 - Nope, I didn't give up on this just yet!
Added particles when combatants are hit and destroyed.
Finally fixed score, screen adjustment saving
Strategy Mode added for a more "Tower Defense" style of gameplay.
Nixed Survival Mode for the newly-added Strategy Mode; the shake barrier unbalanced the game anyway.
The player can now defend themselves against invaders when in Fighter Mode.
All combatants now have rapid fire.
"How to Play" feature was nixed.
Also, high scores are now saved in XML.
Discovered that your applications are added to the Homebrew Browser without warning. DevelopmentEffort ++
Added some 8-bit sound effects.
Fixed certain variables not being reset when a game is restarting.
You can adjust the width and height gaps in the Options menu, to help with any overscan.
Added shield element: hold either the Z or C on the nunchuk and shake to generate a unit-healing, enemy-bullet-negating barrier.
Initial Release.
0== Known Issues ==* "How to Play" not implemented yet.1 - Initial Release* Bullet collision detection can be a bit eyebrow raising at times.* Apparently, there's some selection irks that I've just noticed.* More bullets == chances of slowdown in later waves.
== Known Issues ==- "How to Play" not implemented yet.[[Category:Homebrew using GRRLib]]


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