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==What you need==
To get MFE- Wii working on your Wii, you will need the following equipment; * A console ready Wii Console able to run homebrew Homebrew Code (A Wii Console with Zelda: Twilight hack + SDElfLoader 3Princes and the [[Twilight Hack]] Save Game loaded onto your Wii).* An SD Card loaded with the [[Homebrew apps/Front SD ELF Loader|Front SD Elf Loader]] installed.* A Gamecube control pad.0)* The MFE- SDCardWii Binaries (mfe- Gamecube Padwii.elf).
- * Preload your SD Card with a working copy of [[Homebrew apps/Front SD ELF Loader|Front SD Elf Loader]].* Copy the files file '''mfe-wii.elf ''' and the directory "'''mfe" ''' to the root of yout SDCardyour SD Card- * Copy the "your .avi" files that you want to play on to your sdcardSD Card. - Put * Load your SD Card into the SDCard on the wii front sdcard readerslot of your Wii.* Ensure that your Gamecube Controller is plugged in.- Connect the gamecube pad* Start your Wii and load into your Homebrew Loader. - * Launch the file "'''mfe-wii.elf", using your favourite method of loading homebrew''' and select the Media Files you would like to play (note that up and down are revered in menu navigation).
- * DVD- * Wiimote
==Thanks to==
- * The gc-linux team for their effort in porting linux to the wiiWii.- * Isobel, for his great MFE player minidistro.


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