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{{Infobox homebrew
| title = Wiindows/Wii OS
| type = utility
| author = Calvin "[[User:Calthephenom|Calvin]]"| version = RC1RC2| licence = Freeware| download = GPL| website =| discussion = http://yourawk.netinfo| source = httpshttp://wiindowscode.svngoogle.sourceforge.netcom/svnrootp/wiindows/source/
| peripherals = {{wiimote}} {{internet}}
| hbb = no
{{Modifies NAND}}'''Wiindows''' (Also Known As Wii OS) Is A Menu Replacement./all-in-one app with a basic GUI, to be used alongside [[Preloader/Priiloader]]
== Usage Instructions ==Once It Has InitializedPress A To Goto the tools page. the rest is clear== Credits ==here is all the code i used*[[FTPii]]*Bushing's NAND Dumper*[[MiniMP3player]]*[[WiiMU]]*[[Priiloader]]*[[Bootmii|BootMii/MINI]]*[[MPlayer_CE|MPlayer CE Forwarder Code]]*A Certain WAD Manager's GUI Code, Press B:P*Tinyload Is In there, it will take you to a usage guidebut its not currently being used.possibly later on :P*TxtED/Read*[[FSBrowser]]*[[AnyTitleDeleter]]
== Screenshots ==
I Took These With My Capture Card
== Thanks ==
Thanks Gannon For bootOpera, which i based my channel launching scheme off of
== To do ==
*graphical frontend*keyboard i/o*basic text editor
*executable file launching (elf/dol)
*launching more channels (check mii out, photo channel, wii shop, etc)*chromium os esque look(Planned For 0.8, the 3rd Release)

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