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other than that, I haven't run into any glitches. --[[User:Gjb999|Gjb999]] 00:43, 30 May 2009 (UTC)
== Bug reports ==
It's really annoying that the "teaser sound" is played over and over again with a very short pause. This was originally played at the intro screen with a looong pause. If you need help getting the correct sounds sampled I can be of assistance. Please remove the "FRAME XXXX" text on screen and please use a larger font for the score - as big as the "FRAME XXXX" text would be nice! And I can hardly stand there not being a shooting sound...
BUG: When you hit a duck with the last shot you get a pink screen and the "fly away" text message although you actually hit the duck.
One nice thing you could do is to change the colors of the duck that the dog shows according to what was shot down - that is missing in the original NES version. The dog holds up the same looking duck every time no matter if you shot one of the blue ducks.
Very nice game - I look forward to the updates!
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