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== can't import frets on fire songs ==
soooo i decide to add some songs. I go into the root folder of the sd card and open up the guitarsonfire folder. the first problem i notice is inside the folder there's nothing in there but a bunch of zero KB alias files and no songs folder. so hey, i just made a new folder called "songs" at put it in there. so i downloaded a few songs from the frets on fire song list linked to on the guitars on fire page. they each came in a folder and each contained the following: guitar.ogg, label.png, notes.mid, and song.ini. since they all came in folders and you cant have multiple files with the same name in the same folder i just put the folders in there. they did not show up in-game. so i just took all of the files out of one of the folders and put them in guitarsonfire/songs/. that didnt work either. so i dont know what i'm doing wrong, someone enlighten me.
[[User:Buddyhunter|Buddyhunter]] 23:12, 28 August 2010 (CEST)buddyhunter
:The songs need to be in subfolders in one of the following locations:
These folders might need to be in lower case (not sure, mine are), and songs can be in sub-folders. So I have:
For the songs to show up the "song.ini" is a requirement, without a song.ini it won't show it. --[[User:Daid|Daid]] 22:00, 6 September 2010 (CEST)
== a few ideas i had ==
: That makes as much sense as "I saw McDonalds sells burgers, does starbucks give free t-shirts now?". And I won't ever allow upload of songs on my server because of bandwidth and copyright issues. --[[User:Daid|Daid]] 09:47, 28 January 2010 (UTC)
:: Free burgers!? Where? --[[User:Yossi|Yossi]] 11:08, 16 March 2010 (UTC)
== Custom Notes in latest nightly build ==
:::I can do a test too. Let met know when Marc 19 February 2010
:::: I was so happy to see a homebrew guitar game! but then my Nyko dosent work... What came of this, can i be of assistance? <small>—Preceding unsigned comment added by [[User:Unitypunk|Unitypunk]] ([[User talk:Unitypunk|talk]] • [[Special:Contributions/Unitypunk|contribs]]) 19:32, 5 August 2011 (CEST)</small>
== Rock Band USB Guitars ==
: No. But I crashed (mentally) it's going better, but I'm still having a coding block. Most of my energy goes to my work right now. And the rest of the time I code a bit, but it goes very slowly. As GoF has become a complicated project (pretty words for: code is a mess) I currently don't dare to touch it. --[[User:Daid|Daid]] 16:34, 15 March 2010 (UTC)
i see, senor. if you want, i could go through and add comments, to help keep it more organized --[[User:Calthephenom|Calthephenom]] 20:54, 15 March 2010 (UTC)
: Thanks for the offer, but that won't help. Comments don't make code more organized, just easier to understand. And I understand my own code just fine. It's like a messy workdesk, I can find everything without problems. But getting work done is a bit harder because of it. Putting post-its on everything won't help that, you just need to clean your desk. This is just something I need to solve myself. --[[User:Daid|Daid]] 10:42, 16 March 2010 (UTC)
== other ideas. ==
is there any way you could look for album.png in the folder containing the songs files, and display it off to the right, in a RB2-Esque Setup, and, if you really wanna invest some time, if the song contains album info, setup a way to download the first image result from$album , convert it, and display it? --[[User:Calthephenom|Calthephenom]] 00:42, 21 March 2010 (UTC)
== a little request ==
is there any way you could add some code i jotted up? [[User:Calthephenom/Time]] , it would be displayed in game (like when your playing) kthx --[[User:Calthephenom|Calthephenom]] 00:34, 13 April 2010 (UTC)
== A GOF Channel ==
Can someone make a channel installer like in the NES emulator cuz i updated my wii to 4.3 and now i cant run wad manager. I dont own any of the games that use exploits.
--[[User:Osga21|Osga21]] 18:52, 14 September 2010 (CEST)
== Guitar Report ==
I just tried the Intec Rock Icon guitar controller and it works. I was trying to download the code from SVN but it is asking for a userid and password. Do you allow anonymous access? --[[User:CaptainJester|CaptainJester]] 16 Sept 2010
: Read only access on the SVN is "Wii/Wii" (or lower case) --[[User:Daid|Daid]] 22:02, 27 September 2010 (CEST)
:: Great, thanks. --[[User:CaptainJester|CaptainJester]] 02:03, 6 October 2010 (CEST)
== LibOGC Patch Needed ? ==
Thank you very much for your work concerning this music program.
I have just compiled the last revision from the read only SVN with devkitpro on windows and obtain no error during compilation.
When executing the program on the wii i haven't seen any difference with the precompiled binary.
Does it means that everything is OK now and we don't need any patch ?
: The code detects the existence of the patch, and skips some parts of the patch is not found (line 65 of input_gekko.cpp). The patch only adds GuitarHero drum support, so if you want a version with just guitar support then you don't need any patch. Note that the precompiled binary found on the wiki here is older then the latest SVN version (did a lot of code refactoring, functionality should be mostly the same). --[[User:Daid|Daid]] 19:23, 14 October 2010 (CEST)
== Bug and stage question ==
*First: Great game! I love it!
*Second: I found a bug: When I press the green, the red and the yellow fret it just shows that two are pressed. If I press them one after the other the game shows the first and the second of them I pressed but it won't notice the third (if I press green first, then red and then yellow, it shows that green and red are pressed but it won't notice the yellow key at all). I don't know if this bug appears on a guitar controller because I don't have one but it exists when I play on my USB keyboard.
*Third: A question about the lua-script for a stage: The input masks for a single pressed key are included in the Guitarfun-script but what are the input masks when I press multiple keys?

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