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I have homebrew channel installed but cannot acces any games...all i get is a screem full of bubbles and when i press home key it says back, about, lauch bootmii,exit and shutdown...what do i need to do to get games
<br>For homebrew games, you need to put the games in the right folder. Once you get them off Wiibrew, you should be able to extract the archive it came in and have a folder with a boot.dol and a few other files in it. Put the folder containing those files in a folder named apps on the root of your SD card (you may need to create it). I strongly recommend [[Homebrew Browser]] for easily installing and keeping track of your homebrew. Also, your talk page is probably not the best place to put requests for help. However, if you mean backup games, that is '''strictly illegal''' and could result in a wiki ban. [[User:Tpw rules|tpw_rules]] 03:04, 11 March 2010 (UTC)


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