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| licence = WTFPL
| author = [[User:Paulwagener|Paulwagener]]
| version = No release yetAlpha| download = not yet
| source =
| peripherals = {{Wiimote}} {{SensorBar}} {{GCNController}} {{USBKeyboard}} {{USBMouse}} {{WiFi}} {{Internet}}
It's a project I'm working on. The goal is a shiny VNC client with a keyboard and a pointer.
The VNC part This is working: (look in the change for rev 2 if alpha release which you want can download and use. I'm aware that it's still buggy, so please wait filing bug reports till I have a chance to test fix it)Now we just need to add the shiny part!up a bit first.
Note that Can you can already use make graphics? I still need:* A small banner for the homebrew channel* A title graphic to replace the bland 'WiiVNC' in the home screen* A nice wad bannerPreferable all in the same style. Just post em here in this page if you tweak the hardcoded ip-address & password and rebuild the thing've got something.
== VNC Server compatibility ==


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