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'''LibLOL''' is a simply a C++ port of [ LOLCODE], the programming language for kittehs. release should be sometime this weekend, allowing you to use LOL syntax in your Code.
The LAUL (LibLOL) Functions are in all caps, just fyi. Also, Make Sure You Have SQLite in Your Dev Path, and modify your makefile as such, before libOGC.
== Download ==
The Download Is Available [ Here]
== Usage ==
Save The Following File To Devkitpro/LibOGC/includes, then , before including any other files, insert the following
* #include <>
== Usage ==
its all documented in the Header.
For More Usage Info, Visit The Official Site, []
== Release Order
*'''February 5th, 2010''' Version 1.0 Alpha
Added Support For SQLite Functions, all documented at both the site and in the file,also fixed some broken functions.
*'''February 4th, 2010''' RC1
Simple Release, With Basic Functions And Such.


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