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Rock Band USB Guitars
: Interesting, that's more info that I found so far. I'll have a look at USB gamepad/joystick support to see what I can whip up. Not promising anything though ;) --[[User:Daid|Daid]] 17:28, 31 January 2010 (UTC)
Ok, Here's the button/axis configurations:
Rock Band Guitar
Green: Button 2
Red: Button 3
Yellow: Button 4
Blue: Button 1
Orange: Button 5
Star-power/Overdrive: Button 6
The soloing/higher frets are exactly the same but also press down button 7 at the same time
Minus: Button 9
Plus: Button 10
The pickup switch thingy is the Z-Rotation axis and resets to center when changes are not being made
The Whammy is the Z-Axis and much the same way resets to center (not zero like I originally though, sorry)
Rock Band Drums
The drum pads press down the following buttons on the initial hit as well as button 8 much like the soloing frets on the guitar.
Red: Button 3
Yellow: Button 4
Blue: Button 1
Green: Button 2
The A,B,1,2,+, & - buttons press like any normal joystick button and are as follows
A: Button 2
B: Button 3
1: Button 1
2: Button 4
-: Button 9
+: Button 10
The D-pad is a POV hat just like the guitar.
The mic is a standard USB Logitech audio input and works on a PC as well.
I do not have the Rock Band 2 Guitar/Drums but I assume they work much the same way.
Also, I have no clue how to use the controller port lights on either controller but they work fine without them.
Hope this was helpful, I'm willing to help with this as much as I can although I have no experience with coding on the Wii. I've only used Blitz Basic 3D, but I would recommend looking at <a href="">FoFiX's</a> source code if you have any problems.

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