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| title = WakeMiiUp
| image = [[File:WakeMiiUp01.png]]
| type = Utilityutility
| author = [[User:Superyoshi|Superyoshi]]
| version = 0.6
| download = httpMedia://| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} | hbb = yes
WakeMiiUp is a Homebrew Application from [[User:Superyoshi|Superyoshi]]. It is a an alarm app just like [[Alarmii]], but this app also aims to have more functions. It's Its most important feature is, that you don't need the TV to be on.
Does your TV make a buzzing noise, so you can't sleep? Switch the TV off and get waked woken up by light! Watching a movie on TV, but you want to be noticed notified when you gotta go to school? The light will tell you!
== Functions ==
- Fixed many bugs from 0.5beta
- Time gets now displayed on bottom right in big red numbers insetead instead of at the top with normal formatting
=== 0.5beta ===
- Thanks to [[Team Twiizers]] for making Wii Homebrew possible and creating the [[HBC]].
[[Category:Homebrew in Development]]


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