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== Rock Band USB Guitars ==
I was about to download this to try it out until I noticed the disclaimer on not supporting USB guitars. I'm somewhat confused as to why that's so hard. The rock band USB guitars use standard USB gamepad/joystick setup w/ POV hat as the D-Pad/Strum bar, Buttons mapped to the buttons (slightly out of order), the plus and minus buttons are mere buttons, the overdrive/starpower is a button as well and the whammy is a zaxis that resets to zero if it's not being moved.
I can give you more specifics on the buttons for the guitar/drums if you want them.
As I only have the Rock Band guitars and cannot test the game in any way that I'd feel comfortable with, I have not tried the game, but I will say that you should refer to FoFiX if you have coding issues with any of the more advanced Rock Band 2/World Tour like features. If you included full 4 player Guitar/Bass/Drums gameplay compatible with all means of control that would amazing!
(BTW, this is my first time attempting to use a talk page, if I screwed anything up I'm sorry.)
--[[User:RockGuy32|RockGuy32]] 3:21, 31 January 2010 (GMT)
== a few ideas i had ==


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