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*french: dimension du labyrinthe: %d
*romanian: dimensiunile labirintului: %d
*swedish: labyrint-dimension
=== motion plus not detected ===
*french: motion plus non détecté
*romanian: motion plus nu a fost detectat
*swedish: motion plus hittades inte
=== place wiimote on horizontal surface ===
*french: placez la wiimote sur une surface horizontale
*romanian: asezati telecomanda orizontal
*swedish: placera din wiimote på en horisontell yta
=== start ===
*french: commencer
*romanian: start
*swedish: starta
=== constructing maze... ===
*french: construction du labyrinthe...
*romanian: construire labirint...
*swedish: konstruerar labyrint...
=== you won! ===
*french: vous avez gagné !
*romanian: ai castigat!
*swedish: du vann!
=== play again ===
*french: rejouer
*romanian: joc nou
*swedish: spela igen
=== quit ===
*french: quitter
*romanian: iesire
*swedish: avsluta
=== top ===
*french: sur
*romanian: sus
*swedish: topp
=== bottom ===
*french: sous
*romanian: jos
*swedish: botten
=== left ===
*french: gauche
*romanian: stanga
*swedish: vänster
=== right ===
*french: droit
*romanian: dreapta
*swedish: höger
=== front ===
*french: avant
*romanian: fata
*swedish: fram
=== rear ===
*french: arrière
*romanian: spate
*swedish: bak
Sorry guys, actually there's no language menu selection: I can get language preferences from system menu and support only languages supported by system menu itself...
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