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Basilforums is a program that reads the forum topics from [ Basil Market] and displays them on the Wii.  == Concept ==You can read all the forumsforum topics, respond , and create your own topics. Of course you have the log in for this function, so i need to make SSL or whatever. I'll probably make it so you can create auctions, edit your user profile, post in auctions. I'm hoping that i'll have a mini fanbase of like 4-5 users. I'm not aiming that high, but i'll do my best. == Current Status ==Basilforums has a little mini B&W gui. I'm still working on the colors, placement, font and etc.I'm looking for somebody who will take a look at my code, because I'm a new C programmer, I might make a lot of beginners mistakes. I also need GUI designers. If you help, you'll get the biggest hug and smile ever! :[ AND CREDITS :D!
Colors (It's in b/w now)
vectors for the news objects


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