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Gu1dry - it's been decided to change to app released by user
<!-- You know, the suggestion that what is released should go first... makes sense, really :) -->
<!-- Format for the announcement is: '''Date (DD MM YY):''' [["User(s) that released the app]] has released [[name of app]] --></noinclude>
* '''16 November 09:''' [[Quadrax]] v0.5 released by [[User:Slappy|Slappy]] has released [[Quadrax]] (Multiplayer) v0.5* '''15 November 09:''' [[ShowMiiWads]] 1.2 released by [[User:Leathl|Leathl]] has released [[ShowMiiWads]] 1.2* '''15 November 09:''' [[User:FlarupSand_Traps|FlarupSand Traps]] has 2.1 released by [[Sand_TrapsUser:Flarup|Sand TrapsFlarup]] 2.1* '''11 November 09:''' [[User:Yellows8|Yellows8]] has released [[ninchdl-listext]] 1.0released by [[User:Yellows8|Yellows8]]* '''11 November 09:''' [[wc24decrypt]] 1.0 released by [[User:Yellows8|Yellows8]] has released [[wc24decrypt]] 1.0

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