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<!-- Add releases below. There should be no more than 5 entries in the list, so, move old entries to the appropriate archive. --><!-- You know, the suggestion that what is released should go first... makes sense, really :) --~~~~ --><!--^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Format for the announcement is: '''Date (DD MM YY):''' [["User(s) that released the app]] has released [[name of app]] --></noinclude>* '''15 November 09:''' [[ShowMiiWadsUser:Leathl|Leathl]] 1.2 has released by [[User:Leathl|LeathlShowMiiWads]]1.2* '''15 November 09:''' [[User:Flarup|Flarup]] has released [[Sand_Traps|Sand Traps]] updated to v22.1 by [[User:Flarup|Flarup]]* '''11 November 09:''' [[User:Yellows8|Yellows8]] has released [[ninchdl-listext]], [[wc24decrypt]], [[binconv]], and [[getwiimsg]] v11.0 released by [[User:Yellows8|Yellows8]]* '''11 November 09:''' [[FlyingSaucers]] updated to v0.6 by [[User:Michelinux|Michelinux]]has released [[FlyingSaucers]] 0.6 * '''09 November 09:''' [[WiiNetPuzzleUser:Chris_c|Chris_c]] 1.0 has released by [[User:Chris_c|Chris_cWiiNetPuzzle]]1.0


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