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document the memory unit registers
The Hollywood chipset includes a large register area including many miscellaneous controls. Some of these registers can be accessed by the powerPC. Address bit 23 (0x00800000) controls the permission: if it is set, then the registers are accessed with Starlet permission (full access). If it is clear, only the PPC subset of the registers is visible. From the PPC, the state of this bit is irrelevant, which suggests that it is forced to zero internally in one of the buses.
See also the MINI source code, especially [ hollywood.h].
== Register list ==
{{rlarld|0x0d800214|32|HW_VERSION|Hollywood version}}{{rld|0x0d8b420a|16|MEM_PROT|MEM2 protection enable}}{{rld|0x0d8b420c|16|MEM_PROT_START|MEM2 protection low address (upper 16 bits)}}{{rld|0x0d8b420e|16|MEM_PROT_END|MEM2 protection high address (upper 16 bits}}{{rld|0x0d8b4228|16|MEM_FLUSHREQ|AHB flush request}}{{rld|0x0d8b422a|16|MEM_FLUSHACK|AHB flush ack}}

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