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Wii MFE Port

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An AVI MFE-Wii for Wii, using wii-linux 8/4/2008 ==Introduction== This project is based on the MFE opensource media player for gc-linux. You can find the Wiioriginal sources on its sourceforge page: This version uses the same sources than the original, there are only some changes on the kernel and the filesystemto adapt it to wii. It uses wii-linux to run on a wii, and the SDL libraries for this system. It will boot usingthe ARAM filesystem method. ==What you need== - A console ready to run homebrew (Twilight hack + SDElfLoader 3.0)- SDCard- Gamecube Pad ==Installation== - Copy the files mfe-wii.elf and the directory "mfe" to the root of yout SDCard. - Copy the ". Runs with an SD card from avi" files that you want to play on your sdcard - Put the SDCard on the wii front slotsdcard reader - Connect the gamecube pad - Launch the file "mfe-wii.elf", using your favourite method of loading homebrew. ==Instructions== Here is the button relation between the gc-pad and the keyboard: [digital pad]: Navigate through your filesystem, forward and backward[A]: Launch a file (play)[B]: Stop ==Missing== - DVD- Wiimote  ==Thanks to== - The gc-linux team for their effort in porting linux to the wii- Isobel, for his great MFE player minidistro.

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