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| title = Wii Web Server
| type = utility
| author = Cboomf, Felix123| version = alpha 1.10| licence = GPL20
| download =
| website =
| source =
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{Nunchuk}} {{WiFiClassicController}} {{InternetWiFi}} {{FrontSDInternet}} {{GCNControllerFrontSD}} {{USBMSD}} {{LesPaul}}
| hbb = yes
Dev time: 124 146 Hours
== HBC ==
=== Quitting ===
To quit, press home on wiimote 1.<br />{| class="wikitable" style="left;text-align:center;"press yellow fret on quitar.<br />|-press c on nunchuk connected to wiimote 1.<br />! {{Wiimote1}} ||{{Nunchuk}} ||{{ClassicController}} ||{{LesPaul}} || Actionpress home on classic controller.<br />|-press A on wiimote 1.<br />| {{WiimoteAButton}} or {{WiimoteHomeButton}} ||{{NunchukCButton}} ||{{ClassicHomeButton}} ||{{GHYellowFret}} || Quit|}
=== settings for version alpha v1.10 + ===
In a folder on the root of the sd called data create a folder called wws and make :-
* pass.txt containing your password(make sure is followed by new line)<br />
* port.txt containing the custom port number<br />
* wwwo.txt 1 for using /www on root or 0 for /data/web
* A decent graphical front-end
* More file type support
=== How to submit ===
Because i use windblows, i am unable to use .patch files, so instead, a source file like below should be sent to me at the address listed in the bugs section, or by posting it here. '''It MUST be in C'''<br />
<source lang="c">
Name (to be put in the credits)
What lines the fix applies to
Any notes
// Start line number
Fixed code
// End line number
=== Note ===
When included in the source you will be credited on your user talk page (if exists) and the /** **/ section will be included in the source file
== Future ==
{| class="wikitable" style="margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1"
! Version || Changes || %
|alpha v1.30 ?
|trying remote shutdown again with secure passwords ;-(
|alpha v1.50 ?
! Version || Changes
|alpha v1.40|Fixed some rfc issues<br />Now long multi-packet requests can be made<br />Now sends a Last-Modified<br />Implemented deflate compression for all text/* mime-types|-|[ alpha v1.30]|Password protected quitting by going to /quit, make sure password is set in /data/wws/pass.txt<br />Password protected /admin page (same as for /quit)<br />More HTTP rfc compliant stuff<br />Server generated index page if index.html can't be found in a directory<br />Support trace method<br />Basic compression support<br />Compiled against libogc 1.8.3<br />Increased buffer sizes|-|[ alpha v1.20]
|Vast speed improvements (no more sleeping)<br />
Compiled against libogc v1.8.0 1 and devkitppc r18 r19 etc<br />
Stability issues fixed<br />
Restuctured faster code<br />Re-coded in c++<br />Various HTTP rfc compliance improvements
|[ alpha v1.10]
|Very basic admin page (not yet worth looking at) at /admin<br />
More stable<br />
Started to develop and intergrate [[User:Cboomf/LibHTTP]]own HTTP lib<br />
Added ability to use a custom error page for any errors<br />
Directories no longer need a / at the end
|[ alpha v0.9]<br />
[ wiiweb.xml v rc1]
|Recompiled for HBC 9 beta<br />
Now has a sane download name
|[ alpha v0.82]<br />
[ wiiweb.xml v rc1]
|New stipped down wiiweb.xml<br />
Removed buggy //quit (might return later)<br />
|[ alpha v0.81]<br />
[ wiiweb.xml v b3]
|Uses new wiiweb.xml which causes less crashes <br />
and //quit?''password'' works 99% of the time.<br />
|[ alpha v0.8]<br />
[ wiiweb.xml v b2]
|Added threading support and management<br />
SD code tweaks
|[ alpha v0.77]<br />
[ wiiweb.xml v b2]
|Added custom 404 error page<br />
Added custom 500 error page<br />
|[ alpha v0.76]<br />
[ wiiweb.xml v b1]
|Added the option of a custom password to shut<br />
the server remotely using //quit?password (see README)<br />
== Bug fixing ==
If anyone has an idea or a fix then a patch (not in a .patch file) could be submitted to me by any means !!!<br />
Preferebly @ luke dot bridges at gmail dot com
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="margin: 1em auto 1em auto"
! Bug || Status || How Fixed || Priority
== File types ==
The following file types have proper mime types associated with them.
URL of the header file containing the file extensions supported :
== Credits ==


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